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hi all. So having had my third medical, requested by my occupational health team through my employers, two of which deem me fit for work, I went to a meeting with my employers on Thursday. This I expected to be a discussion regarding my hours and what job I would be doing so I was feeling nervous but excited at the same time. But no, I was informed that the job is being made redundant. Well I felt like i had been hit with a shovel! I was devastated to say the least. Having had conversations over the last year in which I was told not to worry, that there would be a job for me when I was well enough. And only in September was my line manager explaining to me that the job I left had evolved into another role and that is what I would be doing when I got back. I admit that after that conversation I spoke to my hr contact saying that I was nervous about how different it was and she assured me that I would have the training and a buddy system so I could do the job. I was told on Thursday that in fact that role was too different from the previous role and they weren't putting me forward for it. Although I must add that colleagues doing the same role as me have been trained into the new role! I was so upset at the time that I couldn't think of anything to say except to tell them how devastated I am. Well thanks very much. That is what I get for 19 years service.

I won't swear on here but you can imagine what I think of them. (they are a massive, well known company).

Anyone who has had a similar experience or any advice would be gratefully received.


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Hi how about checking with Citizens Advice Bureau ? what about a redundancy package did they mention it ? it seems to me that they may be using your ill health as an excuse to axe your job it deffinately doesn't sound right


Yes they have said about a redundancy payout, I am just waiting for the figures. I was also expecting an official letter regarding the situation. Not received on yet. I will be speaking to CAB on Monday, thanks for the advice.


are you not in a union? if not CAB would def be the way forward. if they have used your ill health to get rid of you its unfair dismissal.

i have been in a dispute with my employers for nearly 2 yrs now! over various things, that started with me being on the sick, then when i returned, turned to bullying thus causing me to go back on sick, with fibro couldnt cope with stress (well thats what i think) then i reduced my contract to be allowed to go back to work and now we are in dispute over holidays!

im not sure HR is the place to be talking, they are the ppl in the middle, and i cant see for the life of me how anyone speaking to both sides can remain fair!! i will point out now that is my opionion and view. its the same as having a solicitor acting for both sides, just not done, its a conflict of interest.


Unfortunately not in a union. I did call the union a few months ago to see if I could join but they told me that as I wasn't a member before I went off sick that they couldn't do anything for me.


that is correct you have to be in the union prior to going off sick. so you need to contact CAB or a solicitor who deals with employment issues, you can usually get to chat free of charge initially with a solicitor, so worth a try.


Thanks for that.


Iam in the same boat at the moment, early days. Just the threat of occupational health, all because i asked not to have to work in a cold warehouse because of my fibro. Im a support worker and my client is to do 3 days work in a warehouse... i am on shift for all 3 days of the work trial. Ive asked if someone else out of r team of 6 could do it instead "including 3 men". Ive now been told by my manager he wants to speak to me, my senior says its about occi health!!!! Im not too worried because apparently you cant be discriminated against for your disability, as long as you were honest with them b4 you started working for them. Which i was... and to be honest, being a support worker who would have thought you would be in a warehouse "freezing cold"!!!!

You need to speak to someone from citizens advise or ACAS. hope it goes good for you. from a fellow sufferer, diagnosed 6 years ago.

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Reply is a good tool to use, Companys are suppose to also look at making any reasonable changes to your work place if you have a disability, even though you may not be registered disabled, you do count as having a disability if your condition has or likely to last for longer than 3 months. Dont let them fob u off with loose change. If they have got you out because of fibro then you want compensation 4 being made redundant because of a disability.

good luck x


Stanne. Thanks for your advice. It would be very hard for me to prove it has anything to do with my disability tbh. I've worked for them my 19 years and was diagnosed with fibro and cfs in April 2010. They aren't going down the reasonable adjustments route as the job I left has evolved into another role, that is why they are making me redundant. They don't class the new role Jr of the same level as the one I did before becoming sick. I am trying to seek legal advice today to see where I stand. To be honest, I don't want to work for them now anyway I just want to make sure what they are doing is fair and legal. Will keep you all updated.


I can completely understand how you feel about this JT. I hope your appointment goes well for you today and you get some good advice about where you stand etc. Please let us know how you got on.

Have you considered the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) as suggested before, they have a wealth of experience and information and can offer good advice in situations like this?

You might find the appropriate section here useful -

Take care JT, we are here for you and we do understand.

(((hug))) xxx



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