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Good morning, all the fluffies here are fine. The evil cats have been thoroughly confused by the cat proof dome around the house, all they can do is wave marshmallows on sticks in an effort to tempt, but today the fluffies are all watching a 3D film with glasses, so they can't see. The film is a fluffies western with the hero riding a very large guinea pig, firing dummy marshmallows and lassoing with a rubber band. The last I heard of the captured badger was waiting for a st Bernard with brandy to rescue, the st Bernard has come back with an empty barrel, a large grin and wearing a silly hat!

The fluffy museum was fun, the fluffy heritage is rather short but eventful, the large statue was admired until a fluffies climbed up to give it a fluffy cuddle because it looked cold, and dribbled marshmallow all the way down. We were ushered out rather hurriedly! Fluffies being returned to base on Saturday, be ready to receive ! Xx

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  • Well, what can I say? You really must watch the fluffies more as they get into all kinds of mischief! I have hid my biscuit barrel in case the come around here!

    hehehehehehe x x x x

  • Come come, do you really expect me to believe that? You,re just embarrassed cos it's empty...again! Xxxxx


  • But I am in tears! I have eaten all my bourbon creams and coconut cookies! I will get more tomorrow though.

    Ken x

  • It's so true! boo hoo, boo hoo, I have eaten all my biscuits. I will get more tomorrow.

    Ken x

  • Good news my friend! I have purchased a packet of bourbon creams, a packet of chocolate rich tea and a packet of coconut cookies!

    IT'S CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have ginger snaps and choc muffins :)

  • COR! I love ginger snaps and choc muffins! x

  • LOLOLOL nom nom

  • That is so cruel!!!!!! I will have to go and eat biscuits now!!!!! x x

  • It's always a good time for biscuits :D

    I don't mind sharing :p xx

  • That's so kind, I am just having bourbons and tea before I go to bed x x x x

  • aw :) I woke up an hour ago :o

  • So you haven't really slept much then. I been looking after my sister all day, so been really busy. Time for bed, nite nite my friend, See you tomorrow x x x x

  • Nite nite :) xx

  • and they think I'm bonkers!! LOLOL

    The refurb of fluffie lair is complete I thought I'd take the opportunity to give it a makeover and install some new technology for them to increase security :D :D :D

    They'll have fun in the entertainments suite and still be able to monitor their safety from the evil cat's with a direct line to Wookie Hole if assistance is required and one also, to Sherlock Bones, Mr Badger and his armoured ducks naval fleet, Foggy/Mr B & Poppie and Wildwoman which is you of course WW :)

    They have a gym which includes nothing but things to cuddle and test their levels of fluffiness :P

    Heeheeheeheehee Chucking at the Fluffie Western xxx

  • I am standing to attention, proud to serve in the armoured ducks naval fleet. Full dress uniform, yellow coal scuttle helmet, waterproof khaki onesie and a pair of flippers. Awaiting orders ma,am..., orders, orders anyone, anyone going to give me an order... On second thoughts...

  • hahahahahahah I can picture that!!

  • Well you are. It's a wonderful club :P

  • Oh good, I am so pleased to hear they are coming back soon. I need mine desperately.



  • Hi hope you,re ok, here,s an advance well rested and chilled out fluffie, can't have you being desperate! Xx

  • {{{{{{{Jilly}}}}}}}}} xxx

  • Ah, thank you. Just what I needed.



  • Enjoy! Xxx

  • I am missing the dear little fluffies too. I shall get a stock of marshmallows and fill the biscuit tin. I've just realised they make marshmallow biscuits so that would please them .I will also get in some low alcohol beer, we don't want a repeat of the other day. I know it has gone down a penny a pint but that is no excuse to get plastered.

    I have had a preview of April's fluffie mag, and you may want to keep it on the top shelf only for viewing by the older fluffies. As is usual, the centrefold has been ruined by inappropriately placed staples, but if you tilt the mag side ways you can still see quite a bit.

    Fluffie cuddles all round.

    Nancy Xx

  • HAHAHahahahahahahah that's just made me chuckle a lot, cheers Nancy :D :D :D


  • That,s funny, really funny and could be elaborated on in a quite inappropriate fashion for a public site! Xxp.s, please don't let the Author see you,ve filled the biscuit tin, he,ll be reaching through your screen with a big, grasping hand, "give me the tin, or the fluffie gets it!' xx

  • I have some decoy bourbons :P

  • I am so sad as I have eaten all my bourbon creams until tomorrow.

  • I should feel sorry for you - but not today :P

  • Good news my friend! I have purchased a packet of bourbon creams, a packet of chocolate rich tea and a packet of coconut cookies!

    IT'S CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hehehehehe!........ or the fluffie gets it..... hehehehehehe!

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