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Flying fluffies!

The fluffies have left me and are on their way back to their refurbed lair! Looking forward to the entertainments suite. As with any holiday they,ve put on a few pounds, but I hear there,s a new gym? They,ve had an excellent time, spa, museum of fluffy heritage - apparently some of their ancestors were pompoms! They,ve played sliding down a (little) hill on saucers, been pampered, sung to, fed marshmallows till they popped and had a bed bouncing competition (haven't told OH about the broken light bulb yet) . They,ve made themselves fluffie mufflers in the craft session, and, all in all I think they,re looking forward to getting back to their lair, so, here they come ...!

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Arrived safely thankyou :) and all very grateful for their holiday :)

Not getting anything out of them now because they're busy touring their new lair and playing :P

You must be exhausted WW and ready for a break yourself after that :o

Anyhoo! here's some youngster fluffies for you to tame as your own even your OH will fall in love with these little fluffs

:) xxxsianxxx:) Fluffmeister Extroadinnaire


Oh thanks zeb, I,ll rear them with love and care after your example . Here,s one especially for you, I made it earlier out of yoghurt pots and sticky backed plastic! Xxx


Aw sweet. Shall I come over Sian and lend a hand, or are they content enough? :P


You can come over but must apologise for saying the muffins looked like fluffies to someone depraved of biccies because they're a bit ticked off with you.............. and scared you'll eat them :P :P


as if, never.

On bended badger knees - now there's a sight. Soulful badger eyes :O

Sorry with lumps. I was just concerned Ken might make a dreadful mistake. Looks like I did :(

Going for an unexpected with family so I'll even be quiet for a bit :P


you quiet?


Fluffies forgive you and are now chasing you to make you badgy in the middle :p


Hey, managed 5 hours, mind you, fluffies and grand daughter keep me quiet. :)


I hope that you are not too sad now they are gone?

x x x x


Hi to you, yes, just a bit although it was nerve racking with security alerts all the time from a certain badger! Xx


Fluffies arrived with the Sunday papers. They ate a huge breakfast but dropped off before cleaning their plates of the last lick of eggy bread. Asleep ever since rocking the rafters with snores.

I hope the boys left you the large box of choccies on their pillows as a big thank you from me.

They seem to have acquired nighties and nail polish. Which is a tad worrying.

Enjoy your well earned peace and quiet.


Hi nedd, thanks for letting me know the fluffies are well and happy. They left me fluffy kisses which were lovely. I,m sorry about the nighties and nail polish, I really hadno idea this was going on, except my 5 yr old granddaughter was about, so I think they got away lightly, they could have been dressed in princess outfits with sparkly slippers! With love and hugs xxx


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