laughter is the best medicine...!? new fluffy available :)

anyone feeling a bit down today? how about some giggling fluffies they are truly entertaining and extra comforting :)

No really!! this last couple of days have been full of chuckles and giggles here on the forum so I thought I'd come up with a new range of fluffies to help lighten the mood ;)

Like all the other fluffie cuddle products they come in whichever colour you like and if you're not smell sensitive then scented too :-o these fluffies are particularly fond of tickling so please be careful ;) no injury claims please LOLOL They are well behaved tho and will stop when asked, especially if you tell them a really bad joke :-p

What bad joke would you use to get the giggling fluffies to stop tickling you?

One of my faves is, Whats brown and sticky?

LOLOL a stick!

or... how do you get pikachoo on a bus?? you pokemon LOL ok enough already!!


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  • Hope people don't mind this one.

    Why did the baker have brown, sticky hands?

    He kneaded a poo.

  • wrong! so very very, wrong ( shaking head ) ;)

    I suspect this joke may make the fluffies tickle harder LOLOL good luck!


  • my oh my right let me think knock knock who s there Harry harryup itis raining Morning all


  • shocking gins! ;)

    that should stop the giggle fluffies from tickling in no time :)

    morning by the way :) hope you're feeling fine


  • A woman brings 8-year-old Johnny home and tells his mother that he was caught playing doctors and nurses with Mary, her eight year old daughter.

    Johnny's mother says: "Let's not be too harsh on them. They are bound to be curious about sex at that age."

    "Curious about sex?!" Replies Mary's mother. "He's taken her appendix out!"

  • LOL I like this one too, hopefully the giggle fluffies shall stop tickling when they hear it :-o

  • Now this is all well and good zeb, but haven't you managed to get a picture of them yet, so we can see before we choose .........hehehe maybe some of them have a wicked glint in their fluffy eyes which may indicate a more troublesome one...... Just a Foggy thought hehehehe Jokes.... How on earth do you think that me being as foggy as the foggiest foggy thing can remember jokes , I will have to take a cricket bat to the fluffies whilst sat on the loo due to too much tickling, that's the way forward for me, oh, another cunning plan..... I'll set the terriers on them, which will distract their attention and then they will tickle the doglets, which is a double whammy cos the doglets adore being tickled !! Phew.......wouldn't really like to have to resort to the cricket bat... :o :-) :o

    Foggy x

  • I must ask foggy as being as experienced with the fluffies as you are< have you tried photographing fluffies? Go on give it a go see what you manage to get :-p

    as for jokes I'm sure even your fogginess could remember at least one!

    and please don't make me report you for fluffie cruelty :-o cricket bat indeed LLOLOLOLOL

    ;) :) ;)


  • Noooooooo, remember I said about the doglets and my Poppie needs masses of fluffies anyway at the moment cos she's got to have an hoperation on her toesles on Monday she caught on of her nails on Monday this week and its been pulled out of the nail bed, think I've already said this, but fogginess as ever she will keep the fluffies from tickling means they can do her good at the same time........of course I wouldn't use a cricket bat...... :o :o

    Foggy x

  • lololol hehehe no fear hunny they'd only come running/flying back to me to grass on you anyway ;)

    AW!! poor poppie that must be reallyquite sore poor thing :( soft fluffie cuddles for the pooches with extra healing ones for poppie :)

  • Aww thanks, poor little love, she's sooo good she's taken the antibiotic tab with just a few of her dry food bits and then the medicine for pain relief from a syringe, all without fuss.......she's sooooo lovely :-) :-) .... She snoring now. :-)

  • Ouch poor thing give her lots of hugs from me , gentle huggses. Sithy

  • check out rave fluffies on amazon they're well funky! LOLOL

  • Oooo we have a seasalt shop in Lyme......dashes (hahaha) to car immediately

  • Btw, your joke zeb ties in just wonderfully with my pic of the day..........ssspppoooooookkkieeeeee :D :D I hadn't looked at yours before I posted it as I am somewhat late posting again, this time down to having to sort out my idiot twin brother and his control freakdom....enough said otherwise I'll get a migraine again thinking about all his rubbish,

    Foggy x

  • weeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiird! think calming things hun :) xx

  • Fussie Wussie was a bear

    but Fussie Wussie had no hair

    cause fussie wussie wasnt there was he

  • Aww gins, that's the one I was trying to remember from my deep fogginess........ Drat I will have to think (which Foggy finds very, very hard !! ) again...........shucks ;-)

  • bears :) must remember bears !

    just a note to self haha

  • Two young boys were whispering outside the church after hearing a scary sermon on the devil.

    The first one said, "Satan sounds awful. Do you think he’s real?"

    The second boy said, "I don’t know, but remember how Santa Claus turned out? It's probably just your dad."

    Ta dah !!! Does that qualify, it's more a conversation than a joke methinks.....hehehe

    Foggy x

  • class deffo! Yes tomcat good for a Friday! not sure how the giggling fluffies would respond to that they might tickle harder foggy I'd be careful :-o

  • Oh dear, I never get it right do's the fogginess you know, that together with no brain at all.......not great :o

  • LOLOLOLOL brain's still there I'm fairly sure so please don't worry :-o

    it would help if you had one of those really bad joke books hehe ;)

  • Nah, I'm just smurffing the net to find the worst possible joke for you. :D :D :D

  • Brilliant! I shall await in anticipation :D

    I'm off out now yippee!! I'm escaping the four walls to go for an ale or two :D so shall catch up in an hour or two

    ;) :) :-p


  • Good for a Friday!

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