Help,, look what all you fluffy hug people have done to me!

I have always loved good beds and nice fine crispy sheets, the sort you rarely find now days.

I will not use an electric blanket as the EMF readings from them are through the roof and I am not prepared to tempt fait that it may further irritate my nerve system.

Getting into a cold bed this last week or so was becoming quite torturous.

So I got out two of those really really light soft cream fleecy polyester blankets,, off came the sheets and on went the fleecy blanket over the mattress with another as a top sheet with my big light as a feather goose down duvet over the top. Oh it's bliss,, so soft and snugly. Where will it end ?

Fluffy bunny hugs to everyone while I am losing my grip,,, Ray

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  • It's only just begun :-) worry where it might lead ..... later........ much later ;-)

  • I'll be making stuffed teddies next christmas and sending cards!

  • Teddies stuffed with wheaty bags that go in the microwave and a lot safer than hot water bottles :-)

    Cards might be a bridge too far :D

  • Microwave ??? I wouldn't have one near me, I use to repair them,, they all leak,, never seen one that didn't but a certain level of leakage is said to be acceptable, I am not so sure.

    I really am growing less trustful of alternating current in general and EMF in particular.

    Remember our nerve system is electrical !

  • Electrical items dont bother me too much, i hardly use them anyway.

    what i wont have in the house is a pressure cooker, i worked at a lab that tested them, I was there when one of them exploded, just the other side of a partition wall. The lid bounced off the factory roof and hit the ground three feet in front of me. leaving a dent in the concrete floor.

    The water came back down as very fine rain.

    No wonder the blokes used to argue over who did the testing And if you ever saw one peering through a gop in the test kitchen door you knew that they were trying to read the pressure guage from as for away as poss.

  • I cant stand the smell of wheat specialy hot.

  • Hot water bottles are not a pleasant bouquet ;-)

  • At least they dont make me feel sick :)

    I can do that without help.

    I am thinking of making one from rice.

    Now scuse me i have lost Olaf the snowmans feet and knocked the button tin all over the floor.

  • Some dry lavender in with the rice and a cup of water in the microwave when heating will melt a snowman ;-)

  • Its done ,I just cant find his feet. 2 white balls tied together so that i dont lose them. :O

  • Found them. in the bag of stuffing.?

  • put in a safe place ;-)

  • :D

  • Bah humbug ;-) :d :d :d

    I trust you are ready for our festive frolics :-) :-) the stuffed teddies will be much appreciated :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Who the Dickens says Bah humbug :P

  • Mr B did, as a grumpy old man :d :d

  • Noooo say it's not so :O


    There, me too :P

  • Mr B - Mr Badger :O

  • I suspect Miss Foggy is tittering. Her Mr B is the doglet Mr Benjamin of East Devon :O :D

  • I am a simple person making simple mistakes :-)

  • but lovely with it - and don't we all, me included ? :P

  • Mr Benjaminhuntabunny to give him his full title ;-) :d ;-) but we've dropped the hunt bit now as his days of that are long gone :d :d

  • Bet he still does the active stuff in his dreams :-) paws waving above the basket and pinned back ears while sleeping say that the fields are still getting run on :D

  • Oh he certainly does Ian, paws running, and squeaks of excitement, nearly every night at some point. I must admit he was a cat killer before he came to me, but dear departed Hollyberry put pay to that in very swift pattern and now he is totally cat safe, thank goodness :-)

    Foggy x

  • Think running in dreams keeps the things thought lost when the spirit is willing but the flesh has weakened. Wont feel so bad about waking up tired and cramped if I have run in my dreams :D

  • Ill have a teddy, they are selling big uns for a fiver down Oldbury. but hubby wont buy me one. :(

  • crochet one :-) once the hats are finished :P

  • I have never crocheted one, but i do have one i made from an unwanted fur fabric coat. It is a good reminder not to skimp on preparation and always mark where eyes, limbs ect go before stitching.

    He is cross eyed, his ears dont match and is just generally lopsided.

    But still has a sort of charm.

    Oh yes i have crocheted one, it came out twice as big as i expected. my grandaughter thinks the world of it.

  • Teddy Bear beauty is in the eye of the beholder :P

  • Dickens,,, Bah Humbug !

  • :d :p :d :p

  • Not Charles Dickens, it was my Uncle Ebenezer. :)

  • Sounds good to me my friend!

    Take care and enjoy


  • Try a thermal mattress cover, is looks like a fluffy lambs coat. It is toasty and comfy, apparently the heat you generate is gives back and it is so soft on the mattress. Even my hubby likes it :)


    I have enjoyed reading this post and your fleecy fluffie blankie must be fab :)

    Lounge in the softness............. it wins for me every time.

    I sleep between two quilts with an electric blanket underneath and I love it :D

    Whether I am being cooked by the EMF well I wouldn't know!

    ............... but my set up work wonders at reducing the pain and stiffness.

    Fleecy fluffie hugs to Ray :)

    xxx sian :)

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