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Good morning, Thanx for sending fluffies, I got them to sleep eventually by singing the fibro lullaby. I think some of them have got into bad habits, I found empty booze bottles under the bed, together with a dubious mag "fluffy favourites"! They are now having a lie in and ticking off which spa treatments they,d like. I think a favourite might be a fluff up and blow dry with pink extensions. More later...

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  • Hi wildwoman, if you hear the fluffies I sent you singing rude songs then they never got them from me. Honest. Hugs, Julie x

  • Huh, am I to believe that? I,m sure you,re innocent Julie, but then, the finger of suspicion falls on? Just hope they don't teach them to my dogs! "fluffy favourites " has been confiscated (for me to read later! ). Hugs to you tooxxx

  • Oh dear this sounds ominously like the evil cats have infiltrated the fluffies, you must report this to the fluffmeister sian immediately and get all stations alerted to another possible evil cat operation :o :o :o

    Foggy x

  • Ready Quackers and a ble tie me down lie me down quack to be believed Quakers size 8 beong hurled at pretty pussy xxxquackers

  • I think you could be right Foggy! Those evil cats have infiltrated everywhere, even our ninja squirrels. Is nowhere safe!



  • Right everyone, hide your thumbs, the evil cats want them most of all as they don't have opposable thumbs. I'll file a report to Fluffmeister general. Check their eyes, they should be soft and kind and happy - if not they've been fluffywashed by the evil cats.

  • Fluffmeister General is on holiday at an unknown location where there is no mobile signal :o

    The only way to get her back is by sending Fluffie Air Express with a message so she'll 'boing-boing-boing' herself back :o

    Ooooooooooooooooooh the sand between my toes feels so soft and comforting ahhhhhhhhhh wonderful :)

    Got my cocktail, my shades what should I explore first I'm here for R&R I wonder if there is somewhere idyllic to rest and relax...........................

    Watch this space I'm on sabbatical :P

  • Oh quack flufmiester general watch out for thouse lobsters they are looking for pinkies wiggling in the sand.

    The message is sent " Please ready your boing needed at-------- fen ------ tied up !

  • I,ve taken a roll call and checked eyes here, all safe and sound. Could I have some vols to help me erect an evil cat fence please ? P.s this is the 2 nd time I.ve come here to look something up and got distracted here and forgotten what I wanted! Xx

  • I'm getting a turbo stairlift. Gets you there before you forget why you're going :)

  • turbo stair lift can I get one Please quackers is delighted there before you know it!!

  • boing boing boing!!

    .................... see you in two tweeks

    fab having a magic tash :P

  • Caution.

    Fred fluffle will throw a wobble if you even mention a hair wash let alone a fluff up and blow dry. He respond to bribery and flakes.

  • Noted nedd, I,ll let him off, prhps a massage instead.?

  • At your peril. His eyes come out on stalks and swivel around as he drools with ecstasy.

    If this is beyond your ken, he loves bouncing on beds, springs allowing of course.

  • Hi nedd, I used to do massage as a job, I just love this description of a lot of my patients, I can deal with an ecstatic fluffy...not sure about the drooling though...

  • I'm flying in an evil cat-repellent dome as we speak. It should cover your house and a 30 metre radius around it. Kepp those fluffies indoors until its fully installed.

  • That sounds purr (sorry)fect. I,ll sit them all in a cat proof room until its installed. Dogs on full alert and posted at the windows with catapults. (sorry again) ! We,ve only got two dogs, so they have to run around in rotation! I thought this was. Going to be a kindly gesture, now I,ve got a house full of fearful fluffed up fluffies , and, to top it all an extra large sofa for a certain badger to hide behind aaaaargh! Xx

  • Squeak. Mr Badger is being held at mmnf . . . .

  • Wot,s mmnf?

  • Squeak. They gagged the messenger before he could get word out :(

  • OMG do you need rescuing? I could send a st Bernard with brandy! xxx

  • Mmm brandy I'll have to get captured again :P

    Yes please, don't forget a big contingent of fluffies, flying squirrels and armour plated plastic ducks. We must get those cats out of here once and for all :)

  • On their way, as long as squirrels and ducks don't swipe the brandy!

  • The ducks won't. I can't speak for pip's squirrels and I assume the fluffies are energised :P

  • Hi wildwoman

    It sounds like you really know how to treat a fluffie? You didn't feed them after midnight did you?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, hope you,re not too bad ? No, I don't feed them after midnight, neither do I allow them access to the biscuit box, mainly because, being responsible and caring ( get a load of me) I,d have to quality check them first, and we all know where that leads...don,t we? Xxxx

  • messy!!!

    .....................that's what happens and then they need to go for re-programming ;) ;) ;)

  • hehehehehehe! I know only too well

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • Lmao

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