Oh dear! not again

Oh dear! not again

I was on my way to you guys with the neutral fluffies for you all at the picnic at the zoo when I was mobbed.

I'm not sure how it happened but as you can see I got a snapshot :o

Well my friends what do you think? :o

I'm now discussing the whole affair with fluffy CID so am gonna be late for the zoo :(

I don't suppose anyone's seen the evil cats lurking about have they and I'm also wondering if this whole zoo thing Foggy got me to agree to was merely an opportunity for them to infiltrate the fluffie lab again!!!!!

Hahahah ;) ;) ;)

good job those super spy fluffies are ready with their invisibility cloaks............... won't see them comin LOLOLOLOL rarararararahhahahahaha! :p


don't worry I'll be at the zoo as soon as I can folks don't despair fluffie cushions shall be retrieved :D :D :D :D

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  • Hehehehehehehe..chuckles,with a big smile on my face :D.This has soooo cheered me up zeb I can tell you.Just managed to haul myself out of bed in much pain,not feeling great and this has made me smile sooo much hehe:D.Not sure whether I can manage Pilates like this so I will be on time for the zoo excursion.I do wonder also if an evil plan was hatched?i hope you get all those fluffies back,such an aweful lot to snatch away :)

  • I meant to put a :( at the end x

  • Well, well, well, what have we here ???

    Why on earth you think I ......me......of all people would wish to lure any fluffies to their end ????? :o :o I'm only just, recovering from the last scuffle.....the evil cats have been sent to borstal or was it the CPL, can't quite remember, but whichever it was they are on the fast reform course.........so fear not I have no plans for them to attack the fluffies, at all on our trip, I just want the fluffies to make us all comfy and to protect YOU zeb from causing a riot in the elephant enclosure, you know what happened last time and it was only MY quick thinking that saved you......... So make haste zeb and fear not....................

  • okaaaaaaaaaaaaay! so I am small, squeak and scare heffalumps :(

    I'll not be going anywhere near this time :p

    we'll find out if you're bluffing or not my dear friend..........all in good time :D ;)


  • Zeb will be late so we will have to take off without her and make sure we get the picnic ready. Where shall we have it at the penguins I do like to pike up a penguin....... are fluffies as good?

  • I've heard that meerkats like pickled onions so I have brought some along -- they do pong a bit or was that those meerkatty things

  • Oh dear foggy you've been rumbled again, think you best give those fluffies back, says Dee as her accomplish, sorry zeb we were gonna give em a smack up breckkie before they started there day, gentle hugs to you zebbie ....Dee xx

  • hahahahahah! xxxx

  • Sobs......."I know nothing.....nothing.....all I wanted was a nice day at the zoo....sob.... And now I'm the baddie again..........

    (Foggy has a good line in crocodile tears....but more of those later.....). Sob....sob....sob....

  • and alligator shoes for running away in too, ha ha ha :D ;)

  • don't cry I might drown sob sob sob now I'm at it sob sob

  • Come on Foggy (helpless with giggles) can we go no please it is 10.00 are you doing a roll call?

  • Well we can't go, if you're all over here making me into a baddie (sob) >>>>>>>> get yourself over there>>>>>>>. Ready for our 10.30 kick off :D :D

  • best you all do as foggy says kids as you'll miss the bus.

    I'm off back to chat to the fluffy powers above and shall see you in a while :)

    xxxxzebxxxx heheheh!

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