R and R for fluffies?

Dear all, I have noticed that there are a large amount of fluffies being exchanged on this community, and what a blessing they are! Everyone who receives fluffies is always comforted by them. However, I do think fluffies may sometimes get tired themselves by being sent to and fro, so I am offering r and r for fluffies! Please send me any tired and depleted fluffies for a week or two and I will restore them. They,ll have a comfy time with breakfast in bed, followed by spa treatments, a light lunch, a little walk, a rest, a three course dinner and a restful evening playing games, watching films or listening to music. There are delightful dogs here for them to stroke and a craft workshop could be arranged. If you have any worn out fluffies, do please send them along, and I will return them fully restored ready to do their valuable work! Xxx

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  • I am packaging up some fluffs immediately. They are so excited at the offer of spa treatments.



  • They,re here! Just unpacking I can hear excited fluffy talk! Xx

  • I am glad they arrived safely. :-)



  • Thanks WW

    They used to go to the petting zoo but H has disappeared ...........so pamper time for fluffies welcomed :P

    All fluffies sent out are fresh and new everyday day however :o

    Todays are shamrock fluffies to help bring you some luck but haven't seen you to give you any :(

    They do giggle too :)

    xxxxx wishing you wellness my friend xxxxx

  • Thanx zeb, they,ll b coming back to you very shortly when they,ve had a little rest and a pamper,in the meantime here,s some for you I prepared earlier! Xxx. P.s of course you can come! Xx

  • Aw thanks :)

    You are so very kind my friend :) xxx

  • Actually! can zebedee's come too sounds good to me :D :D :D

  • P.p.s, could you come disguised as a fluffy? Xx

  • Cool but I think the spring might give me away LOL heheh

  • Ha ha, I,m sure fluffies can spring, boing boing! Xx

  • yes when they eat chocolate :P bad idea!

    Marshmallow cocktails would go down well for them though :D

  • Ok, I,ll try and get some in for them, I hope they,re going to settle down soon, they,re still chattering up there, p,haps I should go and read them a story....?

  • Fluffies winging their way to you.

    They are very sociable and house trained.

  • Oh good nedd, they,ll have a ball and bounce back soon, they may even send a post card! Xx

  • Badger squeezes into fluffy disguise :P

  • LOLOLOLOL trust you :p

  • I'm getting predictable.

    but you say the nicest things :P

  • Oh god, I forgot about you, you,ll have to go in your sett at night, no muddy shovellers in my clean sheets! Xx

  • The only possible reply. Soulful badger eyes :O

  • Oh all right then, but no fleas! Xxx

  • I promise, and I cant cross my claws so you are safe :P

  • I've got my muscle rub on, smell like camphor so might be a flea repellent :P

  • Oh, you sexy thing you! X


    oooH eer missus :P

  • What are these fluffies lol

  • Hi wolvesguy

    Fluffies are soft hugs but have become almost like little pets, When people hug me it hurts so the idea of imagining a hug to be made of fluffies was comforting :)

    The link below is for the original 'Post from the Past' that set it all off


    Hope this answers your Q but please ask me anything. They are adventurous little creatures that are the good guys for us fibromites and the Evil Cat's don't like their goodness so try to change that by causing mischief and turning them evil to work against us (bit like fibro monsters I suppose).

    The link below is for one episode/saga from 6 months ago of fluffies versus Evil Cat's all part of the virtual world fun that we use to distract us from the pain. It's quite funny how more and more characters have grown into it over the last 6 months too :P :P :P I am not the only one who is a bit nuts!!! I promise


    Hope you enjoyed the 'Posts from the Past' and that I answered your Q :)

    Healing fluffies on route to you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I'm getting a bit worried about this thread. As a new assistant Fluffmeister I wonder if there are too many out there not being returned to the lair. Come on chaps, please. Enquiries to Zeb in the first place. while Fluffmeister General is very generous, let's not get too carried away. Besides, save some for me :P :P

  • Mr B and Poppie are very good at retrieving fluffies :) :) :)

    Maybe Foggy will let them go snuffling for fluffies :D

  • You know that song"I am a cider drinker, ooh Aar ooh aaar, " wot about " I am a fluffy snuffler " etc. Blame it on the increased Lyrica, gone a bit potty today! Xx

  • Hahahahha

    Don't apologise that's very good :D :D :D

  • Hehehehe. Looked at those. Still chuckling - and I need it. Sneaked home from work today. :(

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :D

    Those days were only 6 months ago and look at the adventures the Fluffies have now :P :P :P

    Sneaking off work does that mean you're not too good today :o so a good 'chillax', (I hate that term :O ) is what you need :)

    Hope you didn't leave your fluffies at work.................... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  • It gives me a bit more time before tonight to gather my strength, and no I didn't leave any behind. They would not be appreciated. :P

  • I,m sending you a special delivery of strength giving fluffies, bring them with you to hide behind, I,d ditch the camphor though, owise you might be on your own! Xx

  • It's amazing. None of my other sites are anything like this. When I look at newsfeed here, I'm lucky to get a couple of hours worth on one page, elsewhere one page will cover a month of activity :D :D

    But please don't let us change

  • Power to potty people! I,m now going off to design this saying onto a jumper made from fluffy fluff that they left behind in the spa! Xx

  • Argh I not had many fluffies sent me as I don't come on here as much as I should do as this is the only fibro and related illnesses I know of so I send a few fluffies to you xx

  • Hi wolves, I have a secret stache for special people like you, these are a bit feisty, so if they get too much, send them on to someone else. Do you have any real wolves at home? You might find these fluffies trembling behind the sofa if you do! X

  • I think badgers are afraid of wolves :(

  • Ok, I knew you,d be trouble, I,ll just have to get a bigger sofa for you to hide behind! Xxx

  • WW if you give them candyfloss or marshmallows they are very loyal and the only thing they're scared of are the sshhhhhhhhhhh ....................... whispers...................... evil cats .......................... sssshhhhhh!

    :P :P :P


  • You should be in panto with that cackle Zeb! We don,t have cats, evil or otherwise, but I promise to keep a close watch for any amber eyes in the night... I plan to give them a marshmallow toasting session tonite, but non alcoholic, in view of the empty bottles under the bed! Xxx

  • Hehehehe. And I never go out without my marshmallow gun. :P

  • Good thinking batman! X

  • Cheers I appear to cackling a lot this morning thank you, my glasses keep steaming up I'm laughing that much :D xx

    Naughty Fluffs but they are on holiday, No doubts they'll asking someone who looks old enough to go score more booze :o shaking my head LOL

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