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Hi Guys I am about to start a bit of light relief do please join in lets have a giggle

Here we go

Riddles ! What has eyes but cannot see?

2 What is there more of the less you see?

3 What can you hear but not see and only speaks when it is spoken to?

4.What invention allows you to see through walls?

5. Which is the longest rope ?

6. What bet can never be one?

7. Why did the boy sit on the clock?

8.Why is the MIssissippi such an unusual river?

9. What can be caught and heard but never seen?

10. What can you hold without touching?

11. What is bigger when it is upside down?

12, What was the highest mountain before Mt Everest was discovered?

There we are have a go I am about today the winner will be announced at 5.oo . Enjoy xxxgins

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my word ginns.where did you get all these from! lol .i would say no.1 is,3 an 7, boy sat on the clock to catch the mouse, no 8.. it has 4 eyes. no 9 a sneeze, no10 your breathe. no11 an eggtimer. xx:)


Oh my word gins, I'm not great at riddles, but I'll have a go

1 = I agree with bluebell, a potato

2 = money in your bank ?

3 = again like bluebell , an echo

4 = a window ?

5 = I think it's Europe? :o (lateral thinking gets me nowhere)

8 = because it has four eyes

9 = laughter ?

10 = interest ?

11 = the number 6 ?

12 = it's Everest because it's always been there, well at least that's what I think, it was there even if it hadn't been discovered ?

That's my brain strain done for the day :o :o :o

Foggy x


I'm stuck on one ! Very frustrating

Here you go;

1. Needles

2. Darkness

3. Echo- Same as Bluebell

4. Window

5. I think Foggy may have it with Europe !

6. Alphabet

7. ? Still thinking!!!!

8. Has four eyes - same as Bluebell

9. Whooping Cough

10. Breath

11. Foggy's right I think with 6


Great distraction Gins, now why did he sit on the clock ? ? * pondering

Might be a very late entry later

M :)


Did he sit on the clock to stop time from flying?


the boy sat on the clock as he wanted to be on time No 11 is 6 No 9 is a remark

I think you have all done brilliantly thanks for having a go xxgins


Don't get number 9 !


Caught and heard but never seen = a remark but I actually prefer Whooping cough :)


Is that the same boy who threw the clock out of the window to see time fly? :)

I was rubbish at that. Got needles for potato.

10 is breath

Go on do tell it's 5 now


Come on gins, let us know the proper answers ;-) :-)

I'm waiting with baited breath ;-)

Foggy x


Oh that's not fair! Just sat hear doing it and then read its over!

So I am putting my answers here anyway!

1. Me (after taking my Nortriptyline).

2. Inflation

3. A Ghost

4. Eur(rope)

5. Windows and doors

6. Alphabet

7. It was play(time).

8. It has 4 eyes

9. sneeze

10. That is just rude!

11. spilled drinks

12. Everest has been there since the Pliocene era



Ok Brilliant prefer your answers ***** from strict misteress


hehehehehe! x x x x


My brain is like time it s flown, out of the window I think

The only one I got right was Everest and thats because I heard it before. :O :( :(


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