do you want to join a support group [in Southsea - added by Admin!]

Do you have a disability Do you suffer from chronic pain Do you have m.e. fibro-myalgia, a neurological disorder and more

Do you want somewhere to go maybe just for a chat. Here at friends4u we listen we care we understand what its like. We help each other we just want to be there for you

We are just a new support group follow us on facebook friends4u support group


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  • brilliant. at last is a group in my area. thankyou. :)

  • you are welcome x spread the word

  • there is a meeting on the 11th july at st peters church southsea

  • brilliant. at last is a group in my area. thankyou. :)

  • ok, i will try to be there, what time is it please. :)

  • Well done Allan I do not live any where near your area, but I wish you well.

    I looked at your site and it looks interesting.

    Hugs x x x

  • its 7pm - 9pm thank you for your comments x

  • thanks, i will be there, i will be a bit nervous but it will be great to meet others in my area.

  • don't worry about being nervous i get nervous to hope to see you there take care

    alan x e-mail me on

  • thank you Allen, will be ok once the ice is broken, i too am looking forwards to it.

  • Although this is - broadly speaking - in my area , as an agoraphobic it's really difficult ( ok impossible ) for me to attend physical meetings :(

    I wish you well though and I'm sure lots of people will benefit from this.


    Helen xx

  • we could maybe have a one to one if that helps you any better i promise to send you any thing that happens with in the support group can you send me your e-mail address

    take care

    alan x

  • PM'd you Alan.

    Thank you


  • I've added the location of the group to the title so that more people in the area can find this post.

  • Hope to be able to attend one evening when feeling up to it. Are partners allowed to attend as it would help my Hubby no end to hear other people's opinions and what they have to go through.

  • partners are allowed to come also it will be a good way for partners to get more knowledge for other members and there partners everyone shall be treated the same way thank you for taking an intrest

    many thanks

    take care


  • Thank you again for all the comments it will be great to meet everyone and getting this group recognised is a big thing it means alot thank you fibroaction xx Helenuk1963 if you cannot attend the meeting send me your e-mail address and i will e-mail all that happens in the support group we could even have a one to one if that helps you more i want to be able to help everyone who has the same problems as my self partners are more than welcome to the group also , everyone has the right to be treated the same that way partners who do not have the same problems can get to chat with other people also

    thak you again alan

  • Wishing you well with the group.

    How I wish we could have something like it in Hastings.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

  • Wishing the Southsea group success and much mutual support x

    wish there was something in the north Devon area....sniff.....:-/

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