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Hi can anyone give me a bit of advice about IBS problems plleeeaase?! xx

I've had IBS for many years now & normally can keep it relatively under control (with regular mild flare ups & the odd big flare up) as long as i'm careful, but recently it's got a hell of a lot worse & is lasting for ages & it also sends all my gynae bits into turmoil too! Yet i've had no change to my dietary habits. I have got a lot of stress going on, but then i've been through many stressful times over the years, so can't see why this time would be different?! I've tried a cpl of over the counter remedies, but they don't seem to be helping. Does anyone have any ideas of spasm, etc.... relieving remedies? Am currently persevering with Buscopan.

Thank you, Georgina xx

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Have you tried movicol or laxido? i too suffer badly and have been in hospital a couple of times so know how you feel. Hope you get relief soon xxxx


Hello Georgina. Are you aware that there is a Health Unlocked community for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as well as ours for Fibromyalgia. It is called IBS Network. (link below) It might be worth you joining there too for more specific info on IBS for you.


We have had discussions here on the subject. If you click on the links below it will take you there, I hope you find these helpful -



I would suggest that you visit your GP and discuss your symptoms, hopefully they will be able to help you and advise you on how to cope with the spasms etc.

I hope you feel more comfortable very soon. Take care. xxx


Do go and see your GP as Liberty suggests. My doc gave me peppermint oil capsules to try when I had my last bad bout and they did help a bit. I think it could well be the stress that is responsible. I read somewhere that stress has more impact on our body as we get older but your GP will be able to put your mind at rest. Jane x


hi,i too have IBS terrible sometimes very bad stomach cramps...i too think stress is a lot to do with it ...you need help go see your gp i tryed all meds but the flare up just keeps coming back good luck to you and best wishes

bob xx


I had a flare up of ibs for 7 weeks I was pretty desperate as I has the diahorrea version. My gp gave me mebeverine. Tabs and they got it under control but then I realised I HAD changed my milk , changed back within a week I was back to normal, but I would recommend getting these tabs of your gp if you are have ibswith diahorrea



Hi, I too had serious issues with ibs - of the diahorrea type too. It got to the point where I was too scared to leave the house some days. I eventually spoke to the G.P and he gave me Alverine capsules to take and things are now much much better. There is medication for it so don't be scared to speak to the G.P

Also look at your diet. I saw a programme on tv recently called the food clinic and it was dealing with ibs.

A lot of the triggers come from foods you wouldn't even think of. It could be worth a search on the net for a list of trigger foods.

Hope your tummy gets better soon x



I have not been diagnoised with IBS but I do get problems with my bowel, I drink ginger tea to help with my stomach. I also find that with all the tablets Im on I take 1000mg (slow release) of vitiman C each day to help keep me regular.

Hope you feel better soon. x


hi sorry you are having a rough time i think a lot are this year for some reason and its the weather too. i have had for 24yrs and each of us are different what our bodies can tolerate and yeah you should seek either the pharmacy if they cannot help with what you describe then they will say see GP . The peppermint never worked for me, i had mebeverine and so on.

At the moment i am using lactulose as when needed.

i am using Motilium too but there is many things to steer clear of and i think as time goes on we learn i hve not excluded everything but do it in little bits and like a little luxury treat.

No spicey foods at all and i have minimum caffeine that i can, i love my dairy cheese and milk , sunday cheese on crackers.

Anyway theres much more but i always talk a lot lol hahaha

i am on the IBS site too and i use other sites aswell as i have other condition too.



Hia thank you all so much for all of your very kind replies, it's so lovely to be on this site & be able to talk about these kind of things without feeling too uncomfortable about it! It's so lovely of so many of you to take the time to reply. I stupidly forgot to put down in my post that i have the slightly less common diahorrea version of IBS, so unfortunately a few of the medications that a couple of you suggested wouldn't work well for me, but i still thank you v.much for your suggestions. xx

Hi VG, sorry to hear you had such a long bout, but v.glad to hear it's under control now. I have tried Mebeverine before, a few yrs ago from my GP, it didn't do much for me then but it was quite a long time ago, so might be worth another try. Thanks v.much xx

Hi Akasha, v.sorry to hear you suffer with the same problem, it's so horrible isn't it! I know exactly what you mean about some days being scared to leave the house too! Unfortunately i also have gynae & bladder problems, & when the IBS flares it often sets off the gynae & vice versa, but also the IBS makes the bladder worse too - isn't it all such fun!! So it all makes leaving the house extremely difficult. I've not heard of Alverine before, so i will ask my GP about it. So glad to hear you're doing much better now. Many thanks xx


hi,love its the stress thats making you worse green veg chocolate an beef i have found but more the stress i didnt know bad stress was effecting me i spent most days on the loo up to 9 times a day bleeding really bad until i split with my partner or should i say took the relationship away he is now my lodger my bowels have calmed down so much maybe go twice a day my guts don't blow up i hated that that part my belly so swelled all the time an couldn't fit into my clothes i cant believe the change in me or how much it was efecting me for 12 years .so take a look at the stress an see what you can do to change it xxxx


I too have suffered from IBS since I was a teenager and stress certainly does play a big part in mine. I suffer from the constipation and bloated form. But not only did my stomach blow up but so did my hands and feet! I found that wheat was my trigger. When I cut out wheat, my IBS was so improved. I lost the bolating and the stabbing pains in my sides and with extra fruit and veg in my diet, instead of the fibre I got from wheat related foods, I have more of less regulated my bowel habits. It does go into crisis sometimes, but mainly when I am stressed or worried, even if I am not fully aware that I am worrying! If I cheat on something nice, like a nice piece of chocolate cake! Or Mince pies of any of the other really nice things that are looming on the Xmas menu! I do pay for it, with extreme pain and the inevitable bloating, but I take the anisead stuff(name has completely gone from my head at moment and only have Tesco's own in larder!) and that really does work wonders. I do as much as poss replace wheat foods with the wheat free variety, so I can still enjoy the nice things in life. The ginger cookies are to die for!! XX


Do see your GP about the worsening symptoms as it may be necessary to check you out again.

Heather Van Vorous is an American IBS expert and a member of the FibroAction PAB. Her books 'The first Year: IBS' and 'Eating for IBS' are excellent ...and evidence based, unlike some diet books for IBS. The books are often available in local libraries or much of the information is freely available on helpforibs.com . Heather's info is brilliant as it approaches IBS from a sensible, evidence based perspective and explains things well that doctors often just touch on (e.g. the importance of the right kind of fibre and how you eat is as important as what you eat). Her advice applies to all kinds of IBS, not just IBS-C.


If you can get Mebeverine from your GP they would go along way to helping witht he stomach spasms. I do not take them all the time but when it becomes excrutiating to the point it has me bending up double, then I take them xxxxx


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