Morning "Gins Ridiculous Riddles" As it is Sunday I hope more of you will have a go

1. What breaks when you say it?

2. What did the shoe say to the foot? (5 word answer)

3. Who swings through the cake shop yodeling ?( not Ken)

4 What runs but never gets anywhere?

5. Why is a Ladies belt like a garbage truck? (10 words )

6. What goes up and down but never moves??

7. What goes around the house and in the house but never touches the house?

8.What goes up and does not come down.?

9 What starts working only when it is fired?

10 What is the longest word in the world ?

11. What has a bottom t the top?

12. The more you take the more you leave behind. What am I?

13 What do hippies do?

14 Whats the last thing you take off before bed?

15. What has no legs but can walk?

16. What bow cannot be tied?

17 What can of dress can never be worn?

18 What kind of coat can you put on only when it is wet?

19 What starts with a P and ends with an e and has a million letters in it?

20. How did vikings send messages?

As these seem to be becoming more ridiculous how about this one

What do you call an elephant who never washes? Why its a Smellyphant of course. :) Have fun I will pop in and out if anyone wants help :) xxgins

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  • Ridiculous riddles take off today just a simple twenty to tickle your fancy :)

    :) xgins

  • 1 silence

    3 tarzipan - nearly as old as me

    I refuse to answer 5 as I might get a smack :P

    6 moods

    10 world

    16 rainbow

    19 post office

  • Hi fenbadger I think you must be teasing keep on trying tried to make them amusing! xgins

  • Do i do anything else at playtime? :P

  • 4 - a nose?

    6 - temperature?

    Is 5 rude?

    How about this one.......What goes up a chimney down, but not down a chimney up? (one my Grandma told me when I woz but a kid)...

    An Umberella!

  • When is a door not a door - when it's ajar :P :P

  • I remember that one :D

  • When is a jar not a jar? When it is the new and improved squeezy bottle that guarantees less waste!

  • ohhhh nooooooo :P

  • Smellyphant! LOL LOL LOL :-)

  • well done :D

  • Is number 10 smiles? This is fun but annoying as Iknow I know the answers to a lot of them but my brain won't unlock them!!!!!!! So now I am frustrated :)

  • Here is an oldie, what is black and white and read all over?

    A newspaper!

  • Right I'm stupid for sure and hardly any of these will be right, but here goes :-)

    1. Silence

    2. You stink, take me off

    3. It's got to be fenbadger then :-) :-)

    4. A river

    5. Because it goes around and around and gathers the waist.

    6. A hill

    7. Sunlight?

    8. Your age (except in my case :o )

    9. An engine

    10. floccinaucinihilipilification

    11. A leg?

    12. Time?

    13. Move your leggies

    14. Your foot off the floor

    15. A rug

    16. One that you fire arrows from

    17. An address (ad-dress)

    18. A coat of paint

    19. Postoffice

    20. Norse code?

    Oh glory, I'm the only fool who has attempted them all ......lalalala

    Foggy x

  • well tried Foggy I will give the answers on Monday to give some of the others more time :)

  • Here's a little offering from me, an oldie I'm sure you'll all know

    What's black when it's clean and white when it's dirty?

    Foggy x

  • Here we go!

    1. Silence

    2. Ouch! You are too big

    3. Definitely 'me'

    4. Money

    5. It is really wide (sorry!)

    6. Mountain

    7. Air

    8. Taxes

    9. a Bullet

    10. Eternity

    11. Upside down cake

    12. Time

    13. Not a lot

    14. My headphones

    15. A walking stick

    16. Rainbow

    17. Address

    18. Paint

    19. Post Code

    20. Norse Skype!

    That was a tough one!

    Thank you

    Ken x x x x

  • Well done Ken thank you for trying some of your answers made me smile :D Answers up tomorrow . :D


  • Here they are some are easy some are silly some are difficult

    Good luck I will announce a winner this evening


  • WOW have you had a go!! Please Go for it before I answer them you have till 2.00

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