Full moon Saga!

Full moon Saga!

Well guy's thought I would up date you on howling at the moon just in case I don't return!!! Maybe I should not have howled at the moon. To start, yesterday after returning from my trip to breast clinic, daughter no2 dropped me off at home. I was making a cuppa and could hear this woman's voice talking to me? took half an hour to realise it was the care line telling me it was not working??? puzzled the lady on the other end too!!! After howling at the moon last night I made a cuppa, put the tea bag in the bin and the bin lid on my cuppa at which time daughter no2 curled up laughing! After another disturbed night I got up 6am went into kitchen to get tablets and tea and promptly cut my finger open, after due inspection by daughter no2 and 6 year old grandson it was plastered with a look that said it all. Not content after daughter and son had left for school and work I could not fine keys for the front door which had been locked when they left. Duly text? in the door mother came back the reply! Yep! Meanwhile bath was running, went to get in, COLD! Dully pulled plug, ran another then forgot to take into consideration weight dispersal theory, poor kitchen ceiling, again! On the way to the computer to communicate above dropped phone, in pieces, and also microwaved coffee to a cinders!! Well guy's you get the jist, not a good day! So to the point, daughter no 1 is dropping me off in Macclesfield today for Fibro group, she does not have the same patience or sense of humour as daughter no2. I then have to find my own way home on a bus??? What's that and where is the bus station? Hope they have closed Parkside down, I can feel the asylum drawing closer!!! Thankfully when daughters report to son he will just shrug, he knows his mother is daft, only 11 months between daughters and they were that busy fighting when they were young, they missed that one!!!! Gentle hugs, hope to report back from home later, the day can only get better? Yes!!!!! Oh forgot, my advice, no more howling at the moon!

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  • Very big, very gentle, hugs sophie22. With a start like that, your day can only get better! Julie xxxx

  • Hi Sophie I think most of us have had days like that, It`s a good job that we can laugh at ourselves most of the time. lots of hugs Sue xxx

  • Sophie 22,

    What a rotten start, I agree things can only improve!

    I'm sure you will find your way home OK, and that you will have plenty to say at fibro group. Im also sure someone there will be able to give directions. Don't forget your bus pass\ purse with plenty of change. Good luck x


  • I have checked bus pass but how do you carry a brolly and walking stick? it's chucking it down!!!!!! No1 daughter just arrived!

  • Loads of gentle hugs for that Sophie. We'll try to send some fluffies for comfort :P

  • Hi sophie22

    I sincerely hope that things are now picking up for you, I think you had a years worth of bad luck and stuff in one day!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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