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Oh no, what a mess I just got in!

Made myself a cuppa a while ago and while I was putting the milk back in the fridge a cadburys dessert jumped into my hands - yummy. Well, it would have been had I not dropped it, you would not believe how far a little pot of chocolate desert could splatter. It covered the door jam, kitchen and hall floor, so thankful I have that area tiled otherwise I would still be cleaning the carpet.

I was complimenting myself earlier too at going to the supermarket and coming out with a trolley of healthy foods, not a cake, biscuit or anything else unhealthy made its way into the trolley. That little pot was in my very small stash of goodies I was keeping for a treat. Never mind, I have to convince myself I didn't really need it - yeh right!xx

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Did you not lick it up Ang????? It WAS chocolate after all! And your treat.....

How do you get round the supermarket without things jumping into your trolly that are naughty but nice???



I have a whole CUPBOARD for naughty stuff. Going to go and attack a cuppa and a pancake now nom nom nom


i did that saturday with a full four point of milk ! and it was on the carpet !

i think i will finding milk splatters from now untill doomsday lol :) xx


lol i think someone was trying to tell you something love to you diddle x


Well I was tempted to lick it up but resisted and its very unusual for me to get around the supermarket without a trolley full of treats!!. The exact same thought crossed my mind Diddle, I would like to lose a little weight before I go to the fat clinic but when Andrew came down this morning he brought more easter eggs with him so that will just have to be ate now.

Feel sorry for you with the milk Lynz, a bottle split in the boot of my car and it took me ages to get rid of the smell.xx


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