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better day or not??????

Hi hope everyone had a good day.

My son hasnt spoke to me for 2 days wont say why!!

I got up did his packed lunch, then went for my usual cuppa. Thought i would be clever and get Aldi's out the way early. Successful in one way as the shop was practically empty bt as usual bought too much so took me twice as long to get home and was trying to carry the bags and hold on to the fencing for support, not easy. Shoulder and wrist muscles are gone again and back n legs are inflammed.

When i got home my back doors and back gates were wide open. I swear i locked them when i went out. Nothing was missing so i guess i couldnt have!

Bt as a result rest day every time i heard a noise it worried me til my son came home.

Decided to catch up on all my letter writing and programmes i recorded but not watched.

All going fine, tabs took worst of pain away. then halfway through my tv services stopped! Vhecked bank Sky still hadnt set up d/d since feb, they took 2 payments then wouldnt refund, so didnt have to pay in March. Bt one day late on this month and no tv.

So stressed again now as chat advisor couldnt help as account blocked, apparently i am to call, no credit on phone so had to send email. Now waiting for services to hopefully come back on as paid up to date.

So as nowt on normal tv i wanna watch guess back to my room i go. Stressed over that, the fact my sun lounger was damaged yesterday and my son not speaking. Wonder if he does his dishes, he just made himself tea, didnt even offer me a cuppa!!

So more pills i think so hopefully i get a good night sleep. What film do i watch? This is when i miss company!!

hugs to all.


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Awww.Sorry your day has been rubbish. xx((huggs))xxx


Oh bless your heart here is a huge hug for you( 0 i really do gfeel for you i wish i could come and pick you up and bring you to mine we could have aright old chat about suff you take care love to you diddle x


Aww thanks chez and diddle how sweet? : ) im ok just needed to get it off my chest as usual. gotta take some pills for the pain, really need to get a comfy chair, sofa so low but csi new season on tonight so just gonna play games on ds until then and then have early night hopefully.

gentle hugs to you both. xx


Hi kia,

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. :)

I hate it when something goes wrong, i cant handle stress very well, shouting, moody and finally giving crying (not a pretty sight) lol

sending big hugs, kel xxxx


oh i so wish kel. I kept my son for 2 months i just found out he got part paid so hoping i could get this weeks rent, nope he "needs" it and i will get paid next week when i am due. (he pays in arrears.) I think when i see my counsellor tomorrow she is gonna have to help me come up with ways of dealing with him cos i cant take the stress he is giving me. He can be agreat son a lot time but just lately its like he tries to wind me up, Now although wasnt in pain earlier im hurting all over. GRRRR!!! Sorry lol. moaning again aint i? one day you will get a happy blog off me. Maybe!!


You moan away, its better than you sitting building it all up.

I hope you can get through to your son, i do know that when i lived with my mam and i worked i didnt get the whole paying lodge neither, i just thought my mam was a nag.

Now i have my own house kids etc, i get it and look back and cringe on the arguments we used to have.

Boys seem to be worse too. lol.

I am off to bed now, I go when the kids the kids go just so i can get up with them in the morning, great ehh lol.

night, kel xxx


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