omg dont know where my brain has gone rushed shopping at iceland yesterday when hubby came home from work middle son shouts as i go out the door "get me some deodarnt"!.

well yes remembered the deodrant but guess where i put it ?

Yes in the FREEZER!!!!

didnt relalise until this lunchtime when said just popping to tescos and middle son said remember my deodarant this time this is when i realised that it was in the freezer!!!

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  • HA!! :) Well, we shouldn't have to rush, it's just not right lol.

    I've put some things in some daft places too and then couldn't find what I was looking for cos I looked in 'sensible' places.

    Sue x

  • Love it..xxxx

  • Hello angied, gentle hugs,

    :-) this made me smile - I too misplace items and being on my own I'm just glad no-one stumbles upon them in strange places!

    Carol x

  • at least i am in good company i mislay things all the time and then i forget what i am looking for lol :-)

  • put my garage keys in the dustbin and took hours to think were i had put them x

  • ha ha least he will be nice and cool oh perhaps bit too cool love diddle x

  • Haha that made me smile. Im always doing it, putting things in safe places but then forgetting where i put them. Although I had a nice surprise yesterday, was messing with my phone case in neighbours and what should fall out, £5. that forgetfullness i like lol.

    Hugs to all.

  • i have learnt there is no safe place ifyou suffer fms because that safe place you put your stuff disappears the mine you walk away from it

  • I do things like that l ol x

  • Like me the other day, looking for ham in the fridge and just couldn't find it. I didn't believe myself and kept moving things until I opened the cupboard and found it next to the foil. At least I didn't put the foil in the fridge that time though!!. Ham defo went in the bin then cos it had been out for days, what at waste and it was lush too.

    Dont think you need to be sectioned just yet though Angie, there wouldn't be room for us all if they did it to all of us who do these silly things lol.

    Take care, Angela xx

  • Oh, and the other thing I did when I still had my dog was to give the dog my tablets one morning. Just realised in time before I took his though xx

  • I'm always putting silly things in the fridge or the milk in the press by mistake, the kids are used to me by now, they just go "Mammyyyy!"

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