Excruciating burning pain

Hi, for along time now I have suffered pain through my knee like a red hot poker or pin through a voodoo doll but recently I have been getting a burning sensation on the inside edge of my knee. It wakes me up in tears every nights, I can't stand anything touching my skin and my painkillers don't touch it. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so have you managed to find out what causes it and anything that eases it? I'm getting desperate, I've not had a nights sleep in over a month and the GP I saw last week was of no use.

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  • Gentle hugs. I get burning and stabbing pains in my feet. My GP gave me amitriptylene for it which I have found helpful though not everyone can tolerate it. Also you may find using a TENS machine will give you short term relief.



  • Hi Jilly, I already take amitryptaline along with tramadol and cocodamol, I use an anti inflammatory gel but nothing touches it. Never tried a tens machine so may look into that, thanks x

  • Hi trustingtiddles

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I do not get this pain here, but I have the same as jillylin, in that I get this in my feet. I think if I were you I would see a different GP at my surgery and try and get a second opinion? It may be worth asking for a referral to Rheumatology and let them have a look at this?

    I have pasted the FibroAction website link below for you to look at:


    I want to wish you all the best with finding an answer to this problem.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken, I am planning to see my GP next week, she is brilliant and has made other place to learn about this horrible condition. It helps just to know I am not the only one who gets this. Fibro hugs to you and Jilly

  • Hi trustingtiddles

    I just want to wish you luck with your GP appointment. I think it is brilliant when you have a good GP who cares and knows what they are doing with Fibro.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks Ken, take care x

  • Hi also have been suffering with pain in my knee on the inside and at the back, my go said it was burning and have me anti biotics but the pain is still there, at my appointment with the reumatologist they said they would refer me for a knee scan, I'm still waiting... But no haven't found anything that takes the pain away!

  • Thanks Sarah, its good to know that i am not alone in this, I am sure the GP I saw last week thought i was exagerating.

  • Hi Sarah - see my reply to Trustingtiddles and contact me

  • Sorry but your comment made me smile. My daughter-in-law knows when I am having a really bad day because I say ooh they've got the voodoo doll out again. I know you said that you can't stand anything touching your skin but have you tried a heat or cold pack. Sometimes it is hot and sometimes it is cold for me that helps. Take care x

  • Hi GG, I have tried a heat pack on it but not a cold pack, I will pick one up and try it - thank you :) Everyone laughs at home when I say about the voodoo doll, nice to know there are like minded people out there x

  • Hi, I had the same pain, gp sent me for an X-ray, this showed arthritis in my knee joint, she then referred me to a knee surgeon. He performed an arthroscopy, this was to trim the meniscus and wash out the fragments of crumbling bone. It hasn't worked for me as when he got into my knee it was a lot worse than he expected and I need a knee replacement. It is usually a very successful procedure and I'm in the minority, so if you ask your gp for an X-ray and hopefully this will work for you. Kind regards and I do understand what a horrible type of unexplainable pain it is.:)

  • Thank you Pennie, the GP did say he would arrange another MRI and kept talking about arthritus but when i last saw my Rheumatologist he said there are no signs of arthritus. Hopefully seeing my own GP next week will shed some more light on what is causing it, just wish someone would explain why it only happens through the night and not the day.

  • Hi trustingtiddles! I have the same pain, I also have it on the insides of my elbows, and it really is like being stuck with red hot needles. I think it's the fibro, as the pains are where the pressure points are. It's a horrible feeling isn't it?? I don't take anything specific for it, just my normal painkillers - Tramadol.

    Best wishes Sue XXX

  • Thanks Sue, you are right on the pressure points, hate it when its like this. I think I've tasken more painkillers in the last month with this than in the last year. Hope your pain eases soon x

  • Hi. like you I had those symptoms and 3 months of attention from the NHS which were a complete waste of time, and achieved nothing.That included 2 lots of cream from the GP, x-rays, ultrasound, 3 weeks of physiotherapy, more x-rays and a one-to-one with a consultant physiotherapist, fellow of this,that and the other. I am fairly knowledgeable on

    matters physical and while this was going on made my own diagnosis which was greeted with patronising smiles from the "experts". At the end of all this I was told to continue with the physio. but have not done any of the exercises from that day to this.Instead I applied my own treatment.From being in excruciating pain just moving round the house, within 3 months I was able to go for a 3 mile walk in the woods with only the odd small twinge and I am 80 years old. p I suggest you find me on Facebook and message me so that I can discuss this with you in detail, maybe by phone. Malcolm Prior ps. I live in Enfield England.

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