Pain more pain!

Just when you think your pain cannot get any fall down a water main hole left uncovered! Omg bleeding legs, painful everywhere, dignity very bruised and feels like my knee has some permanent damage as hurts so bad to walk! Doc saw all the damage and noted it all down but knee now getting worse so back to docs but yet again having to wait for two weeks for appmt!

Happy weekend everyone! 😕

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  • We had one break outside our house and the water board didn't want to know. We lived on a road where there were alot of elderly people and had the bus stop outside our house so it was an accident waiting to happen. After hubby reported it twice and they did nothing he rang up a third time and he said he would have much pleasure in telling anyone who fell outside that the breakages been reported twice. Strangely enough they came out the same day mend it, coincidence or what.

    Do hope you haven't done any lasting damage. We don't need anything that adds to our pain do we. Mend soon.x

  • Thanks xx

  • Take photo and do a claim hun

  • Oh my gracious! You poor thing. That sounds horrible. I hate that it is two weeks, that's a crazy long time. I hope your knee calms down soon.

  • Oh dear that's painful. Can you sue the council? Hope you feel better soon 😃

  • If there isn't too much damage it will be better in two weeks, if it still hurts tomorrow take a trip to A&E and I hope you have taken pics just In case for council. Hope you better soon ❤️ Drs ???

  • So sorry to hear this happened to you. Please take care and let us know how you are.Be blessed. Peck.🐤

  • Sorry to hear that!

    I do hope you feel better soon.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I sincerely hope that you are not hurt too badly? I personally would not wait two weeks for an appointment I would go to A&E and get it checked out?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of lcuk, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thsts is the trouble waiting to see Dr have you got a care centre nearby x

  • So sorry this happened to you, hoping you can cope as best as you can you poor thing take care😳

  • Thankyou for all your kind words. I didnt go to A&E as I didnt feel it warranted it. There are far more people, far worse off than me. I think if it gets any worse I may phone the docs and see if they have any cancellations. I feel its soft tissue damage. The prob is I can now only drive for 10 mins at a time! I really hope it does heal ok as really dont need this pain ontop of the fibro!

    Hugs to everyone xx

  • Please take photos not just the man hole but your knee as well. Then a letter to the Council with photos demanding something is done. Suppose you had been blind!

    Gentle Hugs...


  • I agree, a child could have fallen down there or an elderly person could have been really badly injured, hope you're feeling a bit better today

  • Go to A & E get them to X-ray it. You cannot wait a fortnight to see the doc that's ridiculous


  • Poor you. What an awful thing to happen and how careless of someone to leave uncovered the water main hole. I do sincerely hope you will soon be better. Couldn't you have got an emergency appointment? Two weeks seems a long time to wait. All the best.


  • Hope your knee starts to feel a bit better.

  • Sorry to hear about this. Have you "iced" your knees? Helps swelling. Two weeks to see doctor?? Oh my goodness. I hate falling, not only bruises body, but dignity too. Sending to you good healing thoughts that the swelling goes down in your knees.

  • Sadly, manhole covers are being stolen in some areas, and then sold for the scrap metal value. This happened to my friend's son in law, when one was taken from the yard where he works. He was very badly hurt, and off work for some time due to his injuries. He fell down it at night.

  • Thanks guys you are all so kind. I have taken photos and contacted council. Funnily enough the manhole was suddenly replaced! Thats an admission of guilt if ever I saw it!

    Thanks for all your support xxx

  • How are you today? What a awful thing to happen.

  • Hi Kitten-kat

    Thanks for post. My bruises are finally coming out but my knee is still v painful! Can't drive for more than 10 mins at a time. Must try ice later to see if it helps.

    Best wishes

    Keren x

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