It's the Pits for me

Hi, hope you are having a relatively pain free day. I wondered if any of you have had problems with their arm pits. I have been using a clear crystal deodorant, because anything else seems to irritate my skin. Now, I can't even use this. My GP has given me anti fungal cream (just in case) my armpits are red and sore and itchy and painful. I have tried the cream, no good whatsoever. I am now beginning to wonder if I every going to be smelling like a fresh daisy again. I have very sensitive skin anyway and it seems to have become worse since my fibro started many years ago, as I generally have itchy skin and need to moisturise regularly.

Would appreciate any suggestions if anyone has had or been through this.

Tannels xx

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  • Hi Tannels

    I have terribly sensitive skin. Also sensitive to this new deodorant I imagine its the new compressed type and it makes me itch. Gone back to old one before compression. Also I use E45 cream for so dry skin and itchiness.

    Used a face cream for years and they have changed something in that as I come up in red blotches so know what you feel like.

    Your not alone with this problem. Hope I been of help.


  • I had the same under my arms and also breasts extremely painful I asked boots pharmacist about this she advised medicated talc - can be quite drying! Gp gave anti fungal cream which did help but keeps reoccurring x. Big hugs x

  • I get the same. Any time of year under my arms for no obvious reason and last time under my breast as well. Just keep washing and applying cream. I have had it so often getting scared to use any under arm. I only ever used a roll on anyway after seeing the different ingredients in a roll on and a spray.

  • Hi there, I have it under my breasts and armpits and evry deodorant I used upset it more, I use sudocream, and it does ease it, my grandaughter works for the firm clinique and gave me some roll on deodorant made by clinique amongst other things for christmas, and so far it hasnt irritated me at all, dont think clinique is cheap but at least it works and I have to be careful what I use as I have excema......give it a go it might help gentle hugs to all...Dee x

  • Hi and thanks to all for your comments. Some good suggestions here. We think we are doing the right thing by going natural/organic, but I think with fibro, we are prone to more sensitive skin that we realise.

    I will give these suggestions a try.

    Thanks again.

    Tannels xx

  • Hi. I had this a few years ago and was prescribed diprozone cream. I also rinsed clothes twice in the washing machine and changed wash powder and conditioner and it's pretty much ok now. Occasionally have a little flare up but use the cream a couple of times and it clears up. Hope it helps. X

  • Been having a problem with this for over a year, my breasts were really sore and gp said it was fungal. Used cream which helped but it always reoccurs. Problem is, it really smells bad and it makes me feel sick. its embarrassing. I cant wear underwire bras no more either. I had fungal toe nail after a operation, years ago and Lamisil didn't work, or anything and I have lost three nails. I wonder if fungal is linked in the body somewhere doing its harm, and there is probably something out there to help, probably naturally and I wish I knew what to do. Its just ridiculous having all these odd symptoms that when accumulated with your serious pain and fatigue and all the other odd things we get, it bound to make you feel like total crap. Im not getting any better, just worse year by year unfortunately!

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. It has been a while since I have been on here, due to so much going on personally. However, i appreciate your reply. I started using a deodorant called 'Pitrok' which is a natural crystalised mineral deodorant spray and touch wood, it seems to have done the trick. So I have continued using this and glad to say it is working.

  • Not been on for a bit myself, I mainly just read, but today i'm on a roll. I just read over some of my old blogs and questions, and i'm crying me eyes out here. Only because i'm no further on and I did pour my heart out a few times there. Everything is sensitive with me. x x Take care

  • I am sorry that you are so upset. I know it's really difficult sometimes to go on and try and get on with life. So many things seem to get in the way. It's not easy with the fibro taking over our lives and trying to battle on. If you every need someone to vent to; then I am always here. Even if I don't always say the right things, I am a good listener. Take good care x

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