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I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia some time ago and suffer from pain in my hands and feet. Any suggestions for natural pain relief?

My hand pain is constant and varies in intensity but the pain in my feet when standing can be chronic quite quickly. I really don't want to go back on antidepressants so any natural remedies would be welcomed. I am trying yoga and breathing/meditation.

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distractions work fairly well. My pain clinic recommend knitting. I also use a TENS machine for pain relief.




Hi There

There are a few natural vitamins/herbs at a herbal /health food shop, and they have worked for me, as fms causes senetivities in me. Wasnt happy to take the drugs for the depression. Hope you feel more comfortable with your hands and feet soon, do something that makes you feel happy every day, to take your mind off it all. keep going with your meditation take your self off into a lovely space away from fm.

know that you are loved.

Have a good day with hugs x


Hi filightfoot65

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and as the others have suggested, distraction technique can really help. I was wondering if you have been to physiotherapy? As a physio will be able to show you gentle hand and foot exercises to help alleviate pain. I see a physio and I do just that!

I want to wish you all the best of luck



All of the above plus either heat or cold. Massage. I also like doing circles with my ankles to warm them up before standing. Hope you find a solution that helps you.


Mixing herbals with regular medication is not a good idea, as certain herbal preparations react badly with conventional drugs. Ask your GP or Pharmacist for advice


my dr said i had plantar fascilitis-gave me a print out on it and one exercise was to use a rolling pin and roll the foot on it.worked for me and no paying out fro expensive items.


Yes yoga and breathing meditation are really helpful. I also did a course on Alexander Technique and improving my posture did help a lot with the symptoms in my right arm but not so helpful with the left. My feet have funny pains, sometimes no pain at all and then I sit down to do yoga with legs crossed and the side of my feet that touches the floor suddenly becomes almost unbearably painful, so I pad them up with soft scarf before I do that position. I have also taught myself trigger point massage and some pains are referred to the hands and feet and you can massage them away - literally - sometimes in minutes. I really recommend the book by Clare Davies "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" which tells you which muscles might have the trigger points that refer the pain, and how to massage them. Also massage in general helps pain if you can afford it - research shows that people with chronic pain who have massage weekly take 30% less medication. I did a massage course and twice a week now I have a warm bath and give myself a massage before I go to bed - very good for my feet, I seem to get less pain and cramps. Have you tried heat and/or cold packs, depending on whether your hands and feet get hot or cold - I find a hot water bottle sometimes really helps my feet.. My TENS machine is useful but it says I can't use it on bony parts of my body so I can't use it on my hands and feet. The other things is that people with fibro are more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome so it might be worth getting it checked out by a doctor as I think it can be a cause of pain in the hands and it can be helped by a small operation. I have so many side effects to medication that I have become an expert on pain relief without drugs and I feel better for it, so hope this helps. Love and hugs x


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