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Had the worst weekend ever :(

Had the worst weekend ever :(

Hi all..

Going to be a big message today sorry.

Had the worse weekend ever :(

Went out with my friend on Saturday night to Frankie and Bennies thought I would try salmon. I do have a fish and shellfish allergy so thought as I'm okay with Tuna hopefully I will be okay with Salmon.

How wrong I was :( took my first bite and felt my lips begin to tingle and I started to get whizzy so I took an antihistamine and hoped for the best... Took another antihistamine after I finished my meal..

Went home then went to bed and noticed I was getting extremely itchy all over my whole body ended up with little red dots all over my arms, face, and legs (only place I rely noticed them) took some pictures and noticed my lips had swelled up a bit too..

Only had about 2 hours sleep off and on while scratching my body :(

It was about 6am by the time I could actually go to sleep.

Woke up at 1pm and then the itching had started again took some more pictures as I had noticed the antihistamines hadn't worked at all as I took extra in my nightly dose of medication.

Rang my friend who has good allergies like myself she told me to ring 111, I have got to say they were great if I need advise il ringing them in the future.

I did an assessment on the telephone with the gentleman answered some questions about being allergic to some foods and explained why I ate salmon and he was pretty understanding which was nice :) I explained to him that normally when I have a allergic reaction my lips begin to tingle and have been known to swell but that is all.

This is the first time I have come out in a full body red blotchy rash all over my face, neck, legs and arms.

The gentleman said to me I think it is very important that you get to A&E within the next hour.. That sent me into a bit of a panic. :/

So I got myself sorted as I was still in my pjs at the time, I had just got a new large food container box for all my medication, so all I had to do with that is put it in a bag and get dressed. Ordered a taxi to the hospital and went to booked myself in..

Turned out that I was that much of a priority as I sat for about 20 minz no1 called me in for an assessment I sat and then called someone over explained why I was there got a little upset (as I'm a very emotional person when put under a lot of pressure.

I got asked why I ate fish if I new I was allergic so I had to explain myself again! To the lady that I was now experiencing a headache, felt light-headed along with the itching, I felt hot, she gave me a blank look took my BP said it was normal. I then explained what medication I am on and her reply WHY are you on all of them. Told her my conditions. I'm a lil annoyed at her as I was really unwell I'm not the kind of person that likes to bother ppl at the A&E cause I don't like to intrude on them or think that maybe I'm not that important.

After waiting some more I was called to see a doctor she was fine as my allergy began on Saturday at 8pm and I was at the hospital by 2:10pm Sunday afternoon. She took down what medication I am on and why. She understand why I tried salmon and I told her I won't be doing that again, she explained that maybe it's a good idea to maybe stay away from fish full stop and I agreed, she had prescribed me Piriton tablet (iv had that when I had chickenpox) and a Steroid tablet for the itching.

I had to have once dose from the nurse who told me off. Not happy about that to be honest I have learned my lesson I'm not going to do it again. But on the other hand I can sort of understand why she told me off as she also has allergies and carries EPI Pens with her. She said the tingling in the lips is usually a warning sign then the next time is what just happened to me over the weekend and then she said next time I might not be so lucky and might not make it to the hospital.

So I think I might ask my GP to give me EPI Pens just to be on the safe side as antihistamines don't seem to work anymore. :(

I have one more thing to question and I may have to ring my kidney specialist as I'm a little concerned I have been prescribed Steroid tablets and I have Chronic Kidney Disease, a while after taking the Steroids I started to get some pain in my kidneys. So my concern so that the Steroids don't knack up my kidneys?! :(

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Aw bless you susan are you feeling any better now? I think we all do it at some point, food and eating is so complex and teaches us new things all the time.

I'm pretty sure it won't happen again after the telling off the nurse gave you and it's part of her job to encourage and point us in the right direction :)

If you're worried about the effects of the steroids and your kidney disease a chat with your GP would be appropriate I think :)

Apart from the fishy escapade are you ok susan haven't seen you about for a while :)

Sending you healing fluffies filled with sunshining smiles :D :D :D

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi Sian,

Yeah good thanks.. Just had a heck tick week then the food allergy over the weekend which gas took so much out of me I feel like I could sleep for England :(

I'm hoping my GP will give me an EPI pen now my allergies are getting worse, as decided not to eat tuna either just incase I start to hand an allergy towards that.

I'm still itchy, so I will get my new prescription this week once I feel better to leave my flat as I just feel like staying in all the time.. Not sure if I'm depressed just don't like going out as much anymore and have found myself being very emotions all of a sudden... :(

Hope you are well.. Thanks for the healing fluffier :D xx


I think our spirits are easily dampened especially if we're in pain a lot. If you think you may be depressed you should possibly mention it to your GP so he has an understanding of you are feeling. Your GP may be able to help you through prescribing medications or therapies as ways to help combat the depression.

Take it easy and rest up my friend :) xx


Yeah... I will but looking at changing GP as he isn't very helpful and has an attitude problem towards me.

But wil keep you up todate on what's going on :) xx


Morning hope you are feeling a bit better now, more relaxed and rested. What a night to go through I think she is right you are better staying away from fish and shell fish.

I am allergic to wasp stings and get anaphlatic shock (that is not spelt right) the first time it went bad it was the itch soles of my feet that drove me crazy. My daughter has a list of allergies and the epi pens dont do a lot so do get your GP to advise you wont you it can be really serious and this time you got of quite mildly.

Take care xgins


Wasp stings worry me Gins, because I get localised alergic reation to them the muscle I get the sting in swells and becomes very itchy and red hot. what worries me is if suddenly turn to anapalecric shock, I also cant eat duck or duck eggs suexx


Hi Gin,

Yeah l will mention it to them when I ring them today., as I need to tell them to cancel my transport balance I have booked.. Then while I'm on the phone I will mention have been to the hospital.. I have told them but they didn't need me to tell them as they will find out off the hospital. They didn't feel the need for me to tell them I was in hospital xx


Hi Nancy,

If I new I was going up have that reaction I would have had something else...

But at least I know if I eat anything like that, that is going up happen to me..

I might do some research on EPI pens xx


hi susan, that must of been so scary & horrible for you, glad to see you're feeling better now,xx


Hi Bluebell,

Yeah I'm starting to feel better thanks :) slowly getting there. :)



Hi susan20067389

I am so sorry to read that you have had this very unpleasant and upsetting experience. I sincerely hope that you are feeling much better now?

Fish can be a strange thing, I have a couple of friends who react to certain kinds of sea food. It is surprising that you were given steroids since you have a kidney problems. I presume they were Prednisolone? If so, maybe you could discuss this with your GP as it hardly seems appropriate?

I can understand why you would want EPI pens prescribed as this would be a much better solution.

Take care and good luck with your doctor.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ken,

Yeah I'm feeling better now thanks.

Yeah the steroids I have been prescribed is Prednisolone. I did ring my kidney specialist up to check and the receptionist did say that some of the patients do take it but is going to check with consultant.

Yeah I wouldn't mind EPI Pens as my symptoms seem to be getting worse when I have a allergic reaction. But the question is will they give me one, but I could argue the fact that a nurse did say to me I might not be so lucky next time so I could say well if I had an EPI Pen it may help me incase of a attack..

But will keep you up todate :)



Quite often a consultant will write to a GP recommending a medication, so maybe you could have a talk with your consultant? It is another avenue?

So pleased to hear that you are feeling better, it must have been horrid.

Take care

Ken x


Hooo eeee. You needed that. Sorry you had such a bad experience, especially as you thought hard about what you were doing and only went to A&E on advice. I thought you could get EPIpens like that?

I'm just glad you seem much better now.

Not sure about the steroid thing though a doc should not prescribe something excessively risky. NHS choices seems fairly quiet about that. It may mean there's no clear evidence and that the pain is coincidental. That leaves you with what is causing the kidney pain so do please ask.

I keep handy the tear off from my repeat script and when someone asks about my meds I just hand it over. Saves remembering loads of stuff. I also keep a pill mate for a week and it's ready to go at any time.

Just as an aside I top it up on a Friday so I'm always ready for a holiday or dirty weekend (if only) :)


Oh dear! Sounds like a nasty timeof it. I don;t know much about allergies, although my Mum was allergic to most antibiotics. She never had any as bad as yours sounds - just itchy spots. Luckily their was one group of antibiotics she coukd take. . She had cystitis a lot and that is when she started her allargies. Chat about it with your GP and see what he thinks is the best option for you. Hope you soon feel better. Love Sue


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