Worst Night Ever!!

Went to bed at 9pm last night as I felt so tired and had a sore thought (I appear to have a little cut on it) All was fine until about 1am then bam I was looking at the clock every hour and I feel like I have been run over by a steam roller. Everything hurts :(

I new to this FM/CFS and have never felt this bad. Is this what you other sufferers call a flare up?

So 4am and I'm downstairs with a cup of tea and 2 cocodomol. Hoping they will knock me out soon so I can get some sleep as I have a busy day planned.

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  • Yes - I really sympathise - I tend to live with a certain amount of pain every day but every so often like you I feel like I've been hit by a bus when symptoms are magnified. I find I have to take everything one day at a time and just hope 'today' is going to be at least bearable.

    I find more and more that even if I have a busy day planned I have to look at what I need to do then see if I can cut some things out or pare them down - as am not doing myself any favours or benefiting the task am trying to do. I know this isn't always possible but then sometimes your body may tell you enough is enough and just stop anyway (I've actually fallen over before now or momentarily collapsed on my PC keyboard and realised I have to stop and just take it easy or rest).

    Take care

  • Sorry to say most days and nights are like this for me. I don't remember what it is like to not have some degree of pain, and a full nights sleep! never. But try to do the best I can and smile when with people, no point inflicting my pain on others. I do hope you fair better than me, and rest as much as you can, as I believe I overdid it in the early days, while they were telling me I was lazy, and not using my muscles correctly. Laughter is the best medicine, even if it hurts, and it is at yourself lol. Take care, luvnhugs xx

  • Some thoughts on flares:


  • I never have a full nights sleep , four hours is good for me xx

  • Sleep is a luxury none of us has and the lack of sleep creates such exhaustion and adds to the pain be kind to u today and if u Fele tired sleep as and when u can I never have normal hours of waking and sleeping I still apologize to all for napping in the day which I am told I shouldn't do try. Not to force yourself to sleep utter hugz. Petal

  • Yes i wake up quite often with pain and find it hard to sleep through it. I have a few drinks on fri and all my tablets to go to bed and i still woke up with horrendous pain in my arms that i had to go down and take extra.

    I have insommnia so i take tablets to help me sleep but they dont always work.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • I just felt unable to even get into bed last night! I eventually got in at 6.30am and only slept for an hour and a half.Doc has taken me off amitrypillin which I have been taking for 9 years he says I had to stop taking it and start taking Tramadol plus Pregabalin.....am in a bit of a state today....having flare ups too often lately x

  • iv not slept at all for 6 days now but just to exhausted to do anyfin other then sit i try to sleep but the pain i feel day and night keeps me from going to sleep and then wen i do doze it wakes me up although at the mo iv got inflammation of my tendons in my foot which really doesnt help at all x

  • I have never been in pain like this before especially my back. Bed has been the most comfortable place. I've really felt like crying :(

  • have a question,hopefully some one can answer.had a lump at the base of my skull at back,saw doc who thought it might be lymph nodes this was months ago and it went away.about seven weeks ago the lump has returned,just wondered if anyone else has had probs like this ?as cant be bothered going to docs again,un less anyone knowa otherwise.

  • Hi juicyluci,

    I have a lump at the bottom of my skull but to the side. My specialist has told me that it is lymph nodes and could be due to my ME. They come and go all the time so i am not bothrerd about them. Does this sound similar? xxxx

  • I find the fact that i have a busy day coming up is likely to guarantee a night like that for me. Various meds can be presribed for occassional or regular use speak to your GP.

    It has got so bad at time that I have stayed up all night the night before = espcially if it is an ATOS interview in the morning because I can't cope with the worry, pain, restlessness and round and round it goes. Obviously not the way to go.

    Whippet x

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