But it may have to wait a bit, we've done a lot today and it's nearly my bed time - besides I notice Musketeers is on, you've mostly gone quiet :)

I've unearthed an evil plot by whoamInow to take over the world. I tried to infiltrate her evil castle but Ken (of all people) muffed it for me and far from getting into her good books I think I revealed my real intentions.

Sian, may I have the authority to release the fluffies? Armour plated plastic ducks have already been mobilised.

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  • You are on your own mate Nie nite

  • I think he was determined to have the last word haha Good night all and sleep well xx

  • Loving the avatar :p

  • I have the feeling I might not get what I want from my lovely doc. But I have a plan. Going to ask her if anyone in the practice specializes in Fibro so she thinks I might see them. I won't of course just a ruse to make her give me my meds and think phewwww

  • Happy face and prescription to be picked up this afternoon :) :) :)

  • That was quick, how did you manage that? :o xx

  • I phoned and asked to book a phone call with GP and they said no worries they would just write me a prescription. Not had any since April 2012 so no fear I was over-dosing on them. Happy Bunny, World Domination starts here !!!

  • Well I think meow meow meadow may be awash with fluffies and armoured plastic ducks awaiting your attempt at World domination :P :P :P


  • Hehehe. Excellent :)

  • Hey if you need any help with the fluffies then Iam your gal! :D

  • Ah! humble assistant :D :D :D

    I think Mr Badger requires fluffie assistance to aid the armoured naval ducks help to defeat the castle. Which castle I don't yet know! :o

    Allign the troops ready for silliness :p

    .................. I mean security :o

  • Aaahh! That looks so sweet!

  • have you lost your marbles Ken?

    ..................... it may look cute but what is it :o

    I thought you were our Inspector, huhum :p :p :p

    maybe you've had too much catnip cake, it made you switch to the other side!

    As Fluffmeister Extraordinnaire I think you may need fluffie re-programming :D :D :D

    ;) ;) ;)

  • It tried to hypnotise me!

  • heheheehhe :D

  • Part of their strategy :(

  • That is a strange name for a cat.............................

    .................. :o

    Fluffie troops being alligned, ready and prepared :D

  • I haven't dared to sleep in case I was attacked by rubber duckies and fluffies !

  • LOLOLOL they're only on stand-by ;) :p ;)

  • You don't need to worry about the ducks and the fluffies, it's the evil cats we've been waging a war of attrition for ages. I keep getting catnapped by them and the sian and the troops have to come to my rescue, I have the doglets who are on their guard, but I fear it may not be long before another attack is launched :o :o

    Fearfully Foggy x

  • I am no longer worried dearest Foggy one. I will soon be in the very comfortable land of nod. Many have tried to wake me BUT non have ever lived long enough to try again. Have fun and how the heck do I explain all this to my GP ? She will have me taken away by the men in white coats I expect :)

  • AAahhhh tell the doctor laughter is the best medication, it releases feel good endorphins. If you have an iPad take it and show him the site, so he realises that alongside great advice for people in need of it, it also does a lot for us by making us forget our problems, if only for a short time. :-) Sleep tight if you're, off to bed soon :-)

    Foggy x

  • I do have a good relationship with my GP, it works along the lines that I tell her what I need and she prescribes it. BUT, reality set in recently. I KNOW NOTHING and I need to listen to the people who do. Will be very hard for me but its essential that I give the symptoms only and don't diagnose and prescribe myself ! I'm a cook not a doctor after all :)

  • PS 13 hours solid sleep for me. Feels great no pain at all yet but very slow. I can cope with that easily

  • Good. Lomg may it last. Sounds like my relationship with my dentist. "I wont hurt you if you dont hurt me" :P

  • Abso blooming lutely. You might want to give him/her my true story.

    I'm in theatre recovery. Dopier than usual. Anaesthetist says your O2 level is low. I said "we can soon change that" and proceeded to breathe deeply. It rocketed back to normal. Then nurse rang the ward. "His BP it too high but you're having him back, he's way too cheerful to stay here". When I got back to the ward the nice nurse had saved a sandwich for me. I was scoffing 3 hours after general anaesthesia. :)

    I'm beginning to have the idea fluffies have always been around me :P :P

    But don't for one minute think I'm indestructible. I'm not. :D

  • I think you are my twin brother. When I am ill I am very very ill but once recovery starts, no stopping me. Anaesthetic makes me high after I wake up. Last time in with pneumonia was Christmas 2 years ago and the buggers kept trying to keep me in by withholding the prescription I needed before I could leave. Had my laptop for Christmas carols and lots of laughter and chat too

  • Boing boing boing boing boing boing!!!

  • I agree with Ken that is a really cute picture it does not nauseate me at all :)

    I think I will e leading the wee cats revenge LOL


  • It is really cute :)

  • Ah so we agree what of fenbadger where does he stand to the rght or left of the line?

  • Fluffie side of marshmallow valley I think :p

  • Definitely fluffie side. Watch gins now. There's a lot of defecting going on . .. :P

  • Ah! where there's a means there's a way ;) hee hee hee hee hee :p

  • Is the castle in meow meow meadow?

  • Got a feeling it's in Spain. CATalan

  • Does that mean Sherlock Bones is in Bark elona :P

  • I'm getting the hound of the basketballs on the case :P

  • oohh! Marshmallows!

  • Me thinks that after spending time in Fenbadgers shoe that it is definetly bath time for one little kitty Who volenteers? sue

  • Wot 4 hours and still no volunteers? But you've seen my feet haven't you? :P

  • Haha,you all make me laugh! That kitty does look rather cute now.Well Iam definitely on the fluffie side of the camp xxx

  • I hope so my friend :) heheeheheh

    How are you doing today?

  • Not good,been having aweful symptoms of urine infection again and I've got a horrible headache and quite tired and run down :( Just been to Docters and I have blood and all sorts in my urine plus I've also got an infection down below so not good.Iam going to leave the gym today even though I want to go as I think I should take it easy.Hows you zeb?xxx

  • Ouch. Poor you. All I can offer is gentle hugs and a virtual hot water bottle :)

  • Hey H :) well enough to be fluffie assistant, Mr Badger would like to release the fluffies............... not quite sure why! but hey :P He needs our help :P

    Mr Badger is your new partner and in charge of the naval fluffies............... ha ha naval fluffies :P they have become an entity of their own alongside the armored ducks, plus cat attacks are becoming quite frequent so now need you both as assistants.

    Think we need to stand by for silliness, I mean security and possible battle :o

  • Well hey ho Iam here as your loyal assistant and even though Iam unwell I will not abandon my fluffie duties.Welcome mr badger to the virtual land of fluffie silliness :D

  • I know you're unwell hunny :) I do hope you get it sorted and feel better soon, You'll need extra fluffies to comfort you sorry I was rather insensitive Told myself off and slapped my hand :o

    You can stay in the memory foam igloo office with the duvet and fluffies and co-ordinate ground troops that way you'll be looked after too :) xx

  • Don't be silly you were not insensitive! And I would love to stay in the memory foam igloo,it sounds lovely xxx

  • Why thank you good lady. I'm honoured to serve. I have armour plated plastic ducks at my beck and call :P

    Just tell me what I can do to help ?

  • I thought this was your battle :) we're behind you mate :P

  • OMG

  • I wasn't there yesterday :p

    Oh My Garrisons! is that what you mean :P

    WAI is set for world domination I don't know why!?!

    You do though hahahahah

  • No I don't unless it's for pleasure. We monomaniacs don't need a reason.

    Ever watched a James Bond film.? It's the CAT in charge. :( The human is just a "ventriloquist's dummy" The cat's paw is up the human's back operating the evil genius.

  • All in the name of fun :)

  • And long may it last. I'll be fairly quiet for the next few days, got some meetings and visits. Nothing nasty. :P :P

  • Don't go without a trifle update !!!!

  • Spent almost all day making it. No packets and ready made custard all home made. Raspberry swiss roll displayed seductively around the side of the bowl nestling inside beautiful red raspberry jelly. Luxurious hand made vanilla custard and topped with a huge amount of dreamy double cream. Waiting to be topped with fresh raspberries. Yummyyyyyyyy. Made it in the wrong bowl, cream is 2 inches above it and won't fit in the fridge. One day, just one day, I will get something right I hope :(

  • Where are those spoons when you need them ?

  • Allow me to help reduce the cream level :P

  • I re-modelled the fridge to accommodate it before I went to sleep.Son came in and didn't have any because he thought it was for a special occasion, so its still there untouched :( Trifle post next I think :)

  • hokey doke my friend you know where I'll be :)

  • Aww (((H))) defo take a day off from the gym....... Have we chatted about the subject f pacing lately ? :d :p Seriously I hope you feel better very soon , healing vibes coming your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • spoons

  • What are you on, fenbadger?

  • wouldn't you like to know?

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