I don't like spiders! Foggy we're coming!!!

I don't like spiders! Foggy we're coming!!!


It would appear that the evil cat's lair is in the Witches Kitchen in Wookey Hole

Paw prints have been found at the scene

Humming can be heard................. definitely Foggy :o

Though there is a fairy garden there so if she's escaped and hiding..............

boinging off pondering :D :P :D

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  • βοηθήσει να φύγω από αυτό το μέρος

  • Δεν μου αρέσει ούτε αράχνες

  • Pardon, speak up a bit, my hearing aid battery is flat.

  • Translates into >>>>>I do not like spiders either

    Roughly if I'm correct

    :o ;) :o

  • Translates into >>>>Help me to get away from this place

    If I'm correct!?!

  • Sorry Foggy but yo wow be gettin me in theer. Are do loik oles int graand. Are bist a cawud are be.. Irm off ,see ya sue

  • Arrrgggh, that water is COLD!

  • Shivery, where's the ducks???

  • you could use the boat so long as the evil ones have not scuppered it. Ooops forgot day I that arm in blackc ountry mode. sue

  • hehehe Urm we'd be quackers to get in that boat we should never underestimate the EC's they'll have booby trapped it.

    Plus.............. where's the witch?

  • Ducks blown off course and then got distracted the lights of Salisbury Cathedral they have joined former members of their regiment on the water meadows. Alas they have been seduced by bonding, booze and bacon butties.

    The witch will not help she is in the pay of the cats.

    Should we run up a pair of white knickers and suggest negotiating foggys release.

  • Ok who`s wearing white knickers and is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and go knickerless

  • You should have told me if you wanted white bloomers! I have been to M&S today.

  • Are you volentering Ken? I`like to see that

  • I would volunteer but unfortunately I never wear white drawers as they wouldn't stay white for long!

  • Thats awful

  • I know, my wife just said that I am disgusting! I am not, I am just this guy trying to get by in cruel, hard world.

  • ah there there

  • Mind you, I took her out in the wheel chair for a little shopping in the Westfield Centre and then dinner so she shouldn't call me names? About killed me pushing the wheelchair.

  • Ken I think you may be interested in my replt to the Atos post

  • Thank you for that xx

  • I just had a thought. Where is the great stripey one? sleeping on the job? I bet

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