If you see any of the above cats please beware. Its best to keep all fluffies indoors until they've been captured.

The Good cat controlleur has announced his army of goodliness shall be making their move later on today :)

Don't worry the evil cats can't hide from them as the good cats have evil cat radar and they are trained in fighting evil :D :p :D

I have it on good authority that this will all be occurring up north near fluffie head quarters as the evil cat bosses are wishing to infiltrate it today :o so Foggy you and the doglets should have an easier day of fluffie security xxx

This sorry saga shall come to an end pleasing many I'm sure :o ;) :o

:p xxxzebxxx :p

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  • Oh no please don't let it come to an end zeb :( I shall be most sad if it does as it cheers me up no end :) These pics do make me laugh :D As Iam down South then I shall miss all the mayhem.As your number one fluffmeister assistant I shall be on call though if you require my assistance up north :D

  • My armoured fluffie airforce shall be there to pick you up H. I shall need you to help catch any rogue fluffies during the escapade :D

    Don't forget the supplies - marshmallows, jelly babies and special jelly squirting guns heheheh! :)

    There's room for Foggy if she'd like to come too :)

    It would be great to have my assistant and head of security here ;) ;) ;)

    :p xxxzebxxx :p

  • Awe,great! Now let me see,marshmallows.....check.........jelly babies.....check........jelly squirting guns :O oh dear! Must have run out at the last fluffie escapade :O can you please bring some of those guns along,I have lots of jelly and strawberry jam.............goes off to look for waterproof clothing! :D

  • LolOloloolLL heheheheh!

    shall send out troupes to get some........... can you see them dancing to the shops :p

    :D :D :D

  • No I can't as Iam in the south.Are they heading my way now??? :O

  • Nope there's a full scale 'Goodliness' blockade around the North Eastern border, the Good cat controlleur has everything secured :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :) your flight should be there shortly ;) xx

  • Okey dokey captain fluffmeister! Iam all packed and ready :D shall foggy be meeting us there? :O

  • I don't know if she knows!? :o

    She may be busy resting as her back is bad so chasing bad moggies is probably not a good idea ;)

  • Oh Dear poor foggy :( I do hope that she gets plenty of rest then,Iam sure that we can handle it in the meantime :D

  • Of course we can and then we can all revel in the celebrations of peace :D ;) :D

    Got a bit deep there didn't it? LOLOLOL


  • Owwwwwww not in any shape to be chasing anything except another slug of oramorph and my very own memory foam bed again tonight. My back is just being completely vile at the moment so sorry for absence from duties, I've spoken with my lovely doctor :-) who is wondering if I may have had another compression fracture, so am tomorrow being X-rayed yippee do :o If you cut me off at the waist I may be of some use in the upper section, but then as what poses as my brain, if it is aquatinted with my body on rare occasions, tends to hang out just bellows my waist on the rear end, so sit on it most of the time, which may well account for a lot :o :D :o

    Please forgive me !!

    Foggy x

  • Sounding too much like me thats probably why mine is so bad tooLOLOL

    Hope it abates soon hunny :)

    many healing and soothing fluffies

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Aww poor you foggy,how do you manage to get a compression fracture?my backs also been vile today,especially the kidney area.Dont worry,me and zeb managed to sort out the fluffies and evil cats today,alot of sticky jam,jelly babies and marshmallows was involved but it's all cleaned up now! :D Indo hope it goes o.k with you tomorrow for the X-ray xxx

  • Hi foggy, sorry to hear about your back, you just got too excited didn`t you! Do hope your xray isn`t too bad, soft hugs xx

  • Deep is my middle name :D oh what joyous days we shall have........jumps up and down clapping hands while dancing around bed,hehe :D And I've just got a tad too silly! :D

  • YIPPEE!!! :D :p :D ;) :o :D :p :D

  • Dances around bed banging a tambourine! :D

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