Morning all & welcome to Thursday 18th Dec, Gins has been napped by EC's for being too Christmassy

Morning all & welcome to Thursday 18th Dec, Gins has been napped by EC's for being too Christmassy

That of course is untrue :P

................. the part about being too Christmassy anyway :D

So where would the Evil Cat's hide our Christmas Angel??? Poor Ginsing :(

They glued her modem with sticky honey and then snuck into her Advent Calendar and THEN snaffled her whilst having coffee this morning :o

Fluffie Air Force are in places of security all over The North with Mr B courtesy of our Dear Foggy is securing the South together we will find her :) Come on guys!!!

Let's find Ginsing before she is tricked by the Evil Cats into becoming the Evil Panto Fairy :o

Fluffie lairs are also on security lockdown as they are usually the prime target so no fluffies until Gins is found :o The sooner we stop the EC's we protect the fluffie's secret, let's find Ginsing and save the day from evil once more :D


Fluffmeister Extroadinnaire :o :o :O

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  • Hard to see the dark side is ........ Obi Sian Kenobi

  • Fluffies don't like being on lockdown

    Trust me.............

    ................... there aren't enough marshmallows to keep them still for very long and choas is afoot!!

  • Blaming Santas elves last heard of a visit to national elf service local head quarters was planned an evil elf called Neurologist has infiltrated Santas elves


    Can't go blaming Gins Neurologist for being the Elder Evil Lord of Evil Cats Squiggle :P

    Funny though!

  • Fairy Nuff last known where abouts before catnapping

  • Uh Oh!! :o That's what I thought!

    Napped before getting there..........

    ............. whilst having morning coffee!! :o

  • Wonder if there are side effects with the cafe-mocha-vodka-valium-latte :O it has been quiet since they went on sale

    Can float fluffy marshmallows on some if the unforseen side effect is napping :-)

  • heheheheh you have to take them from fluffies.........

    ................ good luck with that one Squiggle!! :P :P :P

  • Got a funny feline that wont be so simples :O



    The location of fluffie lairs is TOP SECRET and they and the mallows are there!!

    MeerKats are they evil???

  • On the Meerkat question given they are flogging insurance let me think about that :P

  • LOL

  • We need the Doctor.....WHO!

  • Good morning and you're right Lou.....................

    He's possibly in another dimension though :O :O :O

    Anyone know the direct number for the tardis???

    Or, for Luke TriWalker??

    LOL :)

  • Just looking for a call box :-)

  • Blue or Red??

  • Hold on I have a coin here will use that for deciding ............. It's heads :-)

  • Is that the 2 headed coin?

    Rough if it's the 2 tails coin

  • Hey, if it's the 2 tails coin it may be a lead to the ECs :P

  • Squiggle says heads :O

    Look for the eyes............. Kitty eyes speak well.. mew... volumes :P

    Tails will follow to hypnotise you :o

  • Folks, it looks like fluffmeister is falling under the influence. I'll send a contingent of Wookies and armour plated plastic ducks to the lair post haste - only with Christmas cards holing things up the post is not quite so haste.

  • Check this out my dear Admiral..........

    Thanks for the Wookies n Ducks all help appreciated the Fluffie lairs are on high alert and even I'm not allowed in :(

  • To Sian


  • mellooooooooooow

    Yellow mellow :D

    Cream laced with catnap trail to nap the EC nappers :P

  • Just back from shopping, Tardis located outside town hall in 1066 country. x

  • Medieval Evil Moggies afoot if the Doctor isn't careful.............

    Can you imagine that!?!

    Cheers for the heads up

    ..........................................we shall locate him :D

  • No chance of EC's coming in by sea, from my bedroom lookout post the sea is far too rough.xx

  • Oh dear! sounds nasty where you are :o

    I haven't opened the curtains today because I'm feeling a bit rough and they keep the draughts off me plus my photophobic eyeballs needed a dim light day :)

    Don't panic though!! the Armoured Naval Ducks have submarines for such bad weather and Admiral Badger is on the case :D

  • All should be well then, phew! Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • :) cheers hunny :)

  • Hey Sian and others on the hunt for EC's,

    I hear she was definitely napped, a group of cat burglers seem the most likely candidates. We don't need to be afraid of them, I have it on good authority that they are a bunch of pussies ;-)

    Gins will be found!

    Hope you feel better soon,

    Ginny :-)

  • Thanks for helping to find Ginsing and save her from the EC's you're right they are a bunch of pussies LOLOLOL

    I'm hiding from the windy weather behind closed everything :o

    xxx sian :)

  • News Flash!

    Ginny found the Gin.....had to get to the bottom of it but sadly Gin's wasn't to be found there....hic!

    Side effects are affecting my balanch....speechhh....and I hash vouble dishion but love you all o_O

    Chinny xxx hic!

  • Oh! Ginny hit the Gin whilst looking for the other Gins

    How confoooooooosing :P

  • pinkgin I have been hiding out at Badgers what is this I see too much of the christmas drinkies tutututtuttuut

  • Shhh, don't give all our secrets away. Lets save people from themselves. To stop them drinking too much we'll have to help. :)

  • Oh I see............. while we were slaving away and searching you were living it up with the Admiral

    ;) :P ;) :P ;)

    tututututuuttttutttt tut waggy finger!!

    HAHAAHAH :D good to have you back safe, sound and hopefully in one piece :D

    xxx sian :)

  • Hi Gins...hee hee, I had to search.....;-) or was it a sett up.

    Hope you've had a good day, Ginny :-)

  • Typical me I am too late! I was just going to burst onto the scene and announce,

    ''Stand back, this is a job for a time lord.''

  • How can a time lord be late. Only you could do it . . .


  • You know what these older models Tardis's are like? They don't take you where you want to go, they take you where you need to go?

  • Admiral Badger does have a point there Dr :P

  • You know what these older models Tardis's are like? They don't take you where you want to go, they take you where you need to go?

  • And where do you need to go, or is that too much information?

  • Definitely for an adventure on Skaro, I think?

  • Wow! What an idea.....wouldn't it be fab if the Tardis could take us to a time without pain & fogginess. That would be a great party day for sure. We would be able to do anything we like without pacing or hesitation.

    I hope you're feeling much better now Sian and have been able to welcome the light in without worrying about those pesky draughts.

    The softest of healing hugs,

    Ginny :-)

  • Heheheheh

    Just opened the curtains even though it's still wild outside to let the light in........ the hamsters are getting confused as to whether it's bedtime or playtime with the around the clock dim light :o

    Fleecy fluffs for you xx

  • Hehe he hee,

    You just tickled me with your confused hamsters...... ha ha, I should have said with the thought of your confused hamsters, the former could be viewed as hamster abuse!

    Fleecy fluffs back atcha,

    Gin xx

  • LOLOLOL :p

    Forgot to mention that these hamsters aren't actually nocturnal but they do keep to my timelines :o

  • Wow, that's impressive. You have empathic hamsters! For them to be quiet at night when sleep is difficult enough for those with Fibro is amazing. Perhaps they don't know they're nocturnal by nature ha ha :-)

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