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CHAOS AFOOT! .............All Hallow eve.............. EVIL CATS at it again

grrrrroooowwwwwwllll .................rwah rwah rwah!

CHAOS AFOOT! .............All Hallow eve..............  EVIL CATS at it again
grrrrroooowwwwwwllll .................rwah rwah rwah!

As Fluffie Controller its my task to inform you that the evil cats have released these evil fluffies :o

Please BEWARE!!!!! :p ;) :p

Their swords fire strawberry jam that sticks you to the floor, their evil cackles can put you into a humorous stupor and then they use their evil cross eyes to hypnotise you into thinking all fluffies are evil :( :o :(


The only way to stop the evil cats taking over our virtual world is to catch all evil fluffies by putting out bowls of sweeties. :D :o :D

What's your favourite Halloween sweeties that you would use to catch them?

:) xxxzebxxx :)

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Oooh we are sooo worried are teeth are chattering and these sour sweeties do not seem to be doing the trick .I better make some scottish tablet xxxx scarey mary


Ooooooooooo oh my word, that would account for it, I came down from my bath this morning to find the kitchen in chaos, jam everywhere, doglets almost eating each other to lick it off :o :o Mind you, Mr Benjamin as chief of security had seemingly corned some of the evil fluffies and dispatched them as there were blobs of blue, pink and green fluff in a corner.........brave Mr B :D :D They are now all on a heightened level of security and I will be debriefing them (wondered why they had panties on, thought it was a Halloween ruse ;-) ) later and if any vital information comes to light I will of course pass it on to you zeb, the fluffmeister !! Ooooooooo those evil cats, had they appeared as cats Tchenka would have dispatched the entire lot in one mouthful methinks, she nearly ate Hollyberry once !! :o


Excellent work doglets you have trained them well Foggy :D

They will be rewarded with doggy basket fluffies full of treats :)

My armoured fluffie control centre back in Sunderland have been photographing possible evil cat suspects,...........

.............. shall keep you updated ;)



Hi zeb,this has really cheered me up,Hehehehehehehehahaha :D how funny that pic is! As your loyal and number one fluffmeister assistant I shall be on red alert tonight and will be searching needlessly for these evil fluffie monsters with strawberry jam sticks.I shall be wearing dark glasses so they don't catch me with their hypnosis and will take bowls of assorted sweets out including marshmallows and jelly babies to tempt them into the various traps that I will be putting everywhere :D maybe a few curly wurlys as well? :D how are you zeb,I've missed you :(


Morning my dear friend and fluffie assistant thankyou for asking I'm feeling pretty good today :) and hope you are ready for fluffie fun :D How are you hope you're not feeling so blue hunny :O

Good work and happy Halloween hunting :)

I hope the fluffie petting zoo is full of fluffie goodness too :D

I'm travelling back to HQ today so shall be hoping you and Foggy don't mind taking the helm later for a couple of hours.



Iam not very well still with fibro flared up,urine infection again,Ibs flared up and a cold,feel pretty miserable as well :( The fluffie petting zoo are getting ready for tonight's "trick or fluffie treat" spectacular that iam hosting,all in aid of raising funds to help fight the cause of putting an end to the evil fluffie monsters.I don't mind helping out later,however my son is having his friend sleep over tonight so from tonight I probably won't have access to my iPad as he will be using it.I have just one iPad for us all to share :(


YIPPEE! sounds like lots of fun :D

I'll be around this eve hopefully depending on trains :o hopefully we'll get back alright :o

hope the boys have lots of fun :)



Thank you zeb,iam taking my youngest out and my eldest is going out with his friend.The weather is bad here and so is my health lol so I won't be out for long though,will have to wrap up warm but haven't got a winter coat yet :( will have to use some fluffies as a coat :D


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