WARNING! beware of ANY fluffie looking like this as its not armed but still dangerous :D

WARNING! beware of  ANY fluffie looking like this as its not armed but still dangerous :D

Hahahahahahah Nooooooooooooooo seriously! :-o :-o :-o

I have it on good fluffie authority, meaning the RSCPF that the evil cats in revenge for us foiling their plans last week have been mass producing/cloning normal fluffies that they captured last week so that they purrrrrrrrrrr when you approach them. Okay! harmless you may think.

Once you go within 1ft of these creatures they will spit blancmange at you followed by raspberry jelly and jelly tots :D tread carefully as they like to hide and seek just like the evil cats and they have evil eyes too.

Okay warning given I shall not be held responsible for what they do sorry guys!

Armoured fluffies available for those who'd like some protection

Big fluffie cuddles to all xxxzebxxx

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  • Well, as much as I like blancmange, jelly and jelly tots, I think I could do with some armoured fluffies please - who knows what other damage they might do. Maybe in a truffle brown so they help me to disappear into my sofa ;)

    I bet there's a few cloned fluffies having a bad time. I can imagine them being tied to a pole on a string and being lightly patted by a cat paw. When I say lightly patted, that's only the lucky ones not perfumed with catnip!

    Pip xx

  • I can so visualise that pip :-o If I knew where they'd moved their new evil lair too I could possibly rescue them, maybe ;)

    armoured fluffies heading your way :) :) :)

  • I expect it's somewhere down south, if you know what I mean ;)

    Morning Foggy!

    ;) xx

  • Morning pip............... here............... catch........... throws one of the cloned fluffies at pip, knowing well how good pip's eye to ball coordination is.....................

    >>>>>>>>>>S P L A T >>>>>>>>>>>>> :D :D :D :D ........runs for cover :-)

  • Mmwwwaaahhhaaahaa :D

  • that's sooooooooooooo cruel foggy! :D

    just as well pip has those armoured fluffies ;)

  • Nah not at all cruel, I'm just pleased our play mate is feeling better enough to join us for some gentle banter :-) :-) :-) ..... xox pip :-) :-)

  • haha! you also gave away the evil cats lair, how did you hide that so well my friend? :D

    and yes I am also pleased our playmate is feeling better :)

  • I had my tennis racket at the ready, so the splat you heard was not on me ;) In fact it's winging its way back to you as we 'speak' ;)

    Those armoured fluffies gave me the heads up Zeb :

  • hee hee :D

  • Hehehehehe back on form then pip.........just wait............

  • Me thinks I spotted one lurking outside my window!there was a distinct trail of jelly tots outside my front door!ahha,I've just spotted him,oops no,it's a cute little fluffy white cat sitting at my doorstep,or is it really a fluffy in disguise??Quick zeb,I need an armoured fluffy now!!

  • on there way! zooooooooooom rocket speed hope you got them in time haribo :)

  • Me too,iam afraid to go out my front door now,eagerly awaits for armoured fluffy!

  • No please don't be frightened, those armoured fluffies should be there by now :-o

  • Eeerrrr hummmmm zeb............why exactly is my lawn covered with ferocious looking fluffies with armour AND all sort of battle axes, waving them in the air and chanting " GET FOGGY "...... "GET FOGGY NOW " ??????????? I take it this is some sort of pay back, I need to let the doglets out but poor Poppie is cowering in the corner just at the noise they're making, the weeble from next door is looking very alarmed (that's the good bit...thanks zeb) and other villagers are making their way here to see what's going on...............an explanation please.......tout suite !!!!!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o

    Foggy the Fearless

  • whoa! nothing to do with me honest governor :D

    its echoing the wicker man a little bit now......... now! that scares me foggy!

    I shall have to get the fluffie armed guard and copter patrol to your rescue ASAP prep the doglets for take off :-o ;)

  • Oooooooh, the wicker man. That was scary..! xx

  • You've brought it on yourself Foggy.

    Armoured fluffies.... CHARGE..! They have careful instruction not to harm any doglets ;) xx

  • hey! pip calm down now ;) ;) ;)


  • TOO LATE the cry, ....... All armed fluffies have now been rounded up by Mr Benjamin and he is debriefing (didn't know they had armoured underwear :o ) them in his interrogation unit. Poppie is on guard should any escape and we've got back up in the form of Harry the Lab (big boy !! ) should we need it............... I Will get to the truth of this matter and there will be ramifications (how do you ram with a fluffie, ....... Put it with a ewe hehehehe ). Grins wickedly :D :D and goes off to do strategic planing >>>>>>>>>

  • Oh! I see...... and to think I sent the copter to rescue you :-o

    however if you find out that the evil cats overpowered them I'll forgive you :D :D :D ;)

    well done doglets here's some doggie chews as your reward for being very very brave :)

  • Phew,my armoured fluffy has just arrived looking very fierce!oops,no sign of the evil pink fluffy though,it's a case of follow the jelly tots I think!

  • Hmmnnn now that's a fab idea Haribo.....be very very careful :-o

  • don't you think its rather funny that haribo (as in jelly sweets) is chasing a trail of jelly tots heheheheh!

  • How do you start a fluffie race?


  • You are incorrigible gins :D :D :D

  • I can see an army of jelly babies coming to the rescue, all suited and booted with their armour fluffy sugar coating, ......omg Ben the boxer is eating them on by one now what do I do, say Dee tasting one herself, mmmmm, nice ....Dee x

  • yummy yum yum jelly babies very nice.....................I say droooooooooooooling!

    awfully good of them to come and help :D hehehehe, if you see a red or a green one give me a holler they're my faves :) :D


  • It looks like a furry Brufen tablet!

  • hehehehe! that's funny midori xxxzebxxx

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