Foggy rescue almost at its peak

Please follow these instructions and we'll have her back in no time

The whole of Wellington is surrounded and Foggy's voice can heard faintly in the background.

Evil cats have everywhere surrounded so we must act quickly to save Foggy and her thumbs.

Onward and upward..................... Fluffmeister extroadinnaire - let battle commence :D

We must protect fluffies at all costs by saving Foggy

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  • Done but I put peanut butter on and because I was hungry I ate it... :( :(

  • Me thinks me go make another. We must save Foggy at all costs


    Fogy is now back in the safeness of fluffies in protective custody with her little doglets bringing her out of jibberish :)


    ...................... EVIL CAT'S DEFEATED ONCE MORE


  • Hurraaaaaay for that I can now go to bed happy in the knowledge that Foggy is safe :P Nite .nite

  • xxx nite nite xxx

  • Done it! Thank you for this it was fun!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Excellent Ken, it was really tense at points :o

    How are doing? Is everything okay my friend? Wishing you both wellness and sending extra toggage healing fluffies for you and your wife :) :) :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Where`s my milkman got to? curs I in it up to my eyes if Iv`e lost him :(

  • Hmmmmnnnnn

    Ok Anneka Rice required again to look for the milkman :O

    I thought he left with you.................

    ................ shucks!!

  • Don`t think he`s been missed yet, YHEEEEEY I get to live a bit longer. :D


    My OH just kept calling us all bonkers :D

    ............. there's an element of truth there I suppose :p

  • Just had message from milkman." Home and wet mission completed" OH said much the same. but who cares? :P

  • My OH used to it now and chuckles a lot :D

  • Aaahhhhhhhhhhh pppphhhheewwwwwww....... Thank you all so much for your valiant efforts, I am back, with very very sore and bruised thumbs, but I didn't let them get anything out of me......promise.....they have fled I fear to regroup with the leader clutching the tub of jilly's double cream.......his black face won't be so black once he's had it in the tub, mind you.......was the black face just a mask ??? Oh folks I never want to go that way again, you are all stars **** for your support , molto molto, whoops, many many thanks :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • So glad to have you back safe and with thumbs :D

    It was tough this time they've upped their game :o

    I think we need to help Mr badger with the river now fluffies already on route and he has the plastic ducks.

    Do you know where to get some dinghy's?

    ............. or even an ark!?!

  • Thank goodness they released you dear Foggy. I am glad they took the double cream as I had laced it with Vodka. The kitties will soon be drunk and disorderly and we can round them up.



  • Hahhahahahahhaah brilliant tiddly kitties :D xxx

  • Brilliant brilliant thinking jilly, you played a real blinder there :-) :-)

  • The kitties are so drunk now that they are really blinded. We can scoop them up and send them kitty jail, AlCATraz!

  • Good good they'll be sCATter brained if they ever get out :D

    Still chuckling :) xx

  • They are currently swallowing alCATselzer to help their kitty hangovers.

  • That's a really good one :D xx

  • I think a raid on Kitt's Farm, Buckland St. Mary should be attempted as soon as we are able. :P :P

    I'm busy at the moment using armour plated plastic ducks to keep the river at bay.

    AAAAARRRRGH. Don't want it to turn into a bay. But we got to be on local TV news - mixed blessing :(

  • Aw :(

    Fluffies coming with waders n snorkels to help mop it up xxx

  • Ta ever so. . . I'll be back at training camp asap.

    How's foggy now? Is she ok to talk to direct? Made sense further up the post.

  • I think so but don't know :o


    I think we need to help you with the river on a mission to find an ark ;)

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