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Here is a letter from my mum's Doctor

It States Miss is registered at the Practice and she is one of my regular patients. She suffers from diabetes mellitus. Hypertension Migraine, Asthma and Anxiety with Depression.

She is feeling low. Stressed and anxious all the time with lack of motivation and difficult to concentrate. Her oldest son deid 2010 and this is still affecting her. She is also having Financial difficulties and finding it difficult to manage her daily life

She is currenty taking Mirtazapine 30mg for Anxirty and depression in addition to her other regular medications as below. We are reviewing her condition regulary.

Miss is not fit for work at the moment because is addition to her physical conditions

Repeat Drugs






Here is the letter i sent the Doctor


Dear Doctor

Forgive me Doctor for writing to you my name is Dowayne Gordon I am my mum’s youngest son but over the last few weeks I have been concerned about my mum’s well being. Given all the changes happen to her benefits’ and the Tribunal hearing she’s out of her mind.

When my mum is in meetings with professionals she loses confidence and finds it hard to communicate. My mum has some questions.

1.My mum is wondering why the DHSS is saying she can work when I know she can’t is there a letter you can send to them re the affect it is having on her. Are the DHSS going against what you see?

2.The Tribunal hearing will need supporting documents about my mum medical problems. Do you have any idea what they are? My mum needs to start preparing her case.

3. My mum depression is now taking a turn and is getting worse than at any other time. Is there someone you can put her in touch with someone who can talk with her?

4.Last Medical review was 23.08.2011 is my mum due a medical review to support her case as a question.

5.With all the medication my mum is on I just wonder what are the side effects on her are?

6.My mum has severe learning disabilities finds hard to take in information and to relay the information given to her and suffers from a very low self esteem.

Dear Mr Dullaway

In response to your letter dated 4th January re reduction to my housing benefit from April 2013. I would like to say sorry for my late response but I can’t read and write and I had much problems getting hold of my son so he could write this response to you. My son did speak to someone from your office to outline my intention to stay in my flat. I have read and understood your letter and have spoke with my family and they are willing to support me if need be to keep my flat. My eldest son died in 2010 he spent time with me his body was brought to this flat before it got taken to the grave yard I can’t leave.

This house means to much to me. In 2012 my partner died once again he spent many a night here and this place means a lot to me. I have 3 grand children who come and support me and they stay over to help me from time to time.

Mr Dullaway if you have any questions re my response feel free to ring me on



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I would suggest you get your mum an appointment with her GP as soon as possible, especially if it's been a while since her last one. You need to discuss your concerns with her GP and ask if he thinks that by returning to work she would put her physical and/or mental health at risk. If he says it would you should ask if he would be willing to put it in writing for the Tribunal.

Does your mum see a psychologist / psychiatrist or community psychiatric nurse for her anxiety/depression if she does she also needs to ask them for a letter of support for her appeal. If she doesn't see a mental health specialist then perhaps it would be beneficial to ask her GP for a referral to one. It's possible that the DWP (the DHSS no longer exists) may assume, they are very good at assuming, that her anxiety etc may not be very bad because she wasn't seeking help.

In my own personal opinion, I think anyone claiming ESA and/or DLA really needs to keep in regular contact with their GP. Once again the DWP make so many assumptions (be they right or wrong) they may assume that if you haven't seen your doctor in the last 3-6 months your illness/ disability can't really be that bad after all.


Blessed Lima6MCT

You know what that is some good advice and will get on to me ma about this. I want to say thank you for taking the time out to respond my feeling about my mum is she dont want keep pesting her Doctor but she is going to need to. Will be seeing me ma somepoint next week.

Blessed Love


You are a good son, Dowayne - your mum is lucky she has you to help her.

I do hope that your doctor's letter will help her to get the benefits she needs, and to stay in the home she loves.

A lot of people are suffering in the same way at the moment, and until the government has a change of heart there will be a lot more!

Best wishes to you and your Mum.

Moffy x


Blessed Peace and Love Moffy

Thank you for your response I share your thoughts Bob Marley Sang Stand up for your rights and this was in the 70s and things were hard then. Saw some words on a card saying " Freedom enjoy it while you can" because it will not be long beofore the Goverment Chains the poor to a life suffering.

Peace and Love


Though I am unable to help as such I would just like to say you are a wonderful son to have,you have done the right thing in what you have done son far,you keep at it and don't let up with trying to get all the things your mother needs,good luck you you all,wishing you all the best.


Blessed Pink blossom

Hey you saying what your saying helps and it a journey started in June and it is arocky road we Rastas we say thanks for life ,food all things. keep the faith..


Sorry for bad spelling in my reply to you,was a bit out of it earlier,it also made me sad to hear of your loss and what you all are still going through,sending you all loads of healing thoughts..Julie..xx


Blessed Julie

My spelling is much worse so dont worry bout that and thanks for your kinds words. I think death is to be understood noone knows anything about it but I feel there is always a reason for life there is a reason for death that said it hit my ma hard and I am with time is the great healer.

RastaLove Julie


hi there,

well it seems you are keeping on with things and your mum should be very proud to have such a son as you who is doing what your doing.

as some comments above you do need to go back to Dr and keep on top with things as it is the case if your not around they do not know whats going on at all and it shows how often you are going to your Dr for problems.

fingers crossed something good comes out of this as you know your mum best and know what she is and is not capable of doing!

from a shell on outside we all look pretty fine its whats underneath.

sending u a hug and keep up the care as by sounds your mum needs you!

caroline xx


Blessed FairleyCrazzie Peace and Love

Yes I agree but you sometime you get Doctors who care and will go out of there way to help you like what ever you need flipside you get Doctors who barley do anything for the people they say they are caring for. I amn is not sure which Doctor me mas got if you get me meaning.

Blessed Love wishing you many many good days peace and Love


Sounds to me as if your dear mum has more than enough to contend with and it's REALLY unfair to use her communication problems against her like this. How on earth do these people sleep at night? No compassion, no conscience. Thank god she has you to look after her. xx


Bless you! Your mum is one lucky lady to have a son like you. You are obviously a compassionate and deeply caring person. The world desperately needs people like you. I wish my girls were more like you. I don't blame them as they don't have this awful illness so they have no understanding of the daily struggle we all go through.

Re the doctor, is it possible for you to go with your mum and explain your concerns? If you meet the dr, you will probably realize wether they are compassionate or not. If not, you could enquire at your practice if any of the Drs. are familiar with fibro. Where Drs are concerned, it can be hard to find the right one but when you do they will bend over backwards to help. Even if they aren't experienced with fibro, some Drs will go as far as to research it in order to give your mum the best care they can. I hope this helps.

All I can say is that you are one amazing person who clearly loves his mum dearly. With you doing all you can, she will get the help she needs.

I wish you and your mum all the best.

Please keep us informed of your progress, yes progress because with your caring and determination that's what it will be. Sending you and your mum warm huggles and love

Chilli xxxx


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