Active fibro!

I've been feeling really rough lately, worse than usual but I was relieved because my long awaited re-referral to the Rheumatic hospital was this week. Needn't have got excited though. The doctor was very nice and VERY thorough. Examined from head to toe, then the medical opinion? "well there's no doubt that your fibromyalgia is very active at the moment" I could have told him that!!!!!!

Still, lots more blood tests & a referral to the memory clinic, so I suppose it was worth it really.

Felt a bit embaressed though,I had a very bad fall earlier in the week so I was covered in bruises - looked like I'd been beaten up. ( One big bruise is right up my bum - how on earth did it get there?)

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  • Ah bless you Cobweb! So pleased you had your re-referral, but sorry you're feeling rough at the moment. The mind boggles as to how you got your bruise, a hard chair maybe?! I am sure the Consultant has seen worse. I am trying not to giggle here lol, bless your heart. ;)

    Take care and no more bruises! Hope your referral to the memory clinic comes through quickly. I would love to know more about that as I am not familiar with this, so please keep us all posted. Also it could be helpful to others, including me. Thank you. :)

  • thanks LibertyZ, don't worry about the giggle, I found it funny too. What mystified me though was that my fall was in the bathroom - I hit my head on the toilet, my arm/back on the bath - but there was nothing else nearby! Ah well the world is full of mysteries.

    I will let you all know how I get on at the memory clinic - the mind boggles about what they are going to do - maybe they will keep asking what day it is - eventually I'd be bound to get it right!

    I don't like being like everyone else - I insist on taking fibro-fog to a new level!!!!!

  • Oh my goodness that sounds awful Cobweb! Thank goodness you're ok, it could've been so much worse!

    I have the same problem as you, I tend to do everything in dramatic style or so my hubby says. If I fall over, it's major dramatics, I can't just topple like everyone else, so I know exactly how it is with you! Take care and please please be careful! ;)

  • Morning Cobweb hope the bruises are easing now what a rotten fall. Hope today is a better day and good luck with the memory clinic x gins

  • Arnica cream is good for bruising.

  • Hi Cobweb, its funny that this is the first post I looked at on here as I also had a bad fall in my bathroom a few years ago and ended up covered in bruises, though in my case I know how I got the bruise on my butt as it was in the shape of what was left of the toilet seat! Arnica cream really does help :)

  • I had a nice fall on my bum a while back - I lifted one foot to knock a pebble out of the tread of my shoe, and the other knee collapsed, resulting in me sitting, cross-legged, in the middle of the pavement. I used the (somewhat unbelievable) excuse that I fancied a sit-down. My boyfriend was having none of it! ;)

    Glad you got a little help, even if the rest of it was stating the obvious!

    Sara xx

  • Arnica cream is good and one of the few natural remedies that have had clinical trials. I would be interested to know how you get on at the memory clinic too. My most embarassing fall happened in the wine aisle at ASDA! I got down on my haunches to look at a little gift box of malt whiskeys and promptly toppled over on to my back! Whippet

  • I tend to fall very gracefully my.knees collapse and down I go it happened in town once I decided to walk as I wasn't going far from the car & this woman stepped over me I heard her say bloody drunk my husband had gone back to the car for my wheelchair it happened to my mum a lot as well people stepped over her calling her a drunk so she decided it was time for a wheelchair and she never walked anywhere again .

  • Hi everyone am new on here but have had fibro for almost 10 yrs now. It wasnt to painful (looking back now) compared to how iv been these last few years!! My knee pops out all time an knee swings out to the side and bends upwards which is very painfull and very hard to get ur brain to come to terms with as mentally you are telling urself to bend normal but the leg keeps goin upwards lol!! Anyhow at the minute im in chronic pain an i dont have the strength to get up these mornings.....i feel as though people think im lazy and im not i just fall asleep all time. i have even been chattin to friends an family on FB when i fall asleep sitting mid sentence (i can laugh at it now) but at the time i got so down.

    Im actually very interested in chatting to all of you as i see some of you have memory loss....i have got into my car and drive down road an not have a clue where im going i have to take piece of paper and sellotape to the steering wheel where i am going, its really that bad but i didnt know it was related to my fibro.

    Please everyone i wud luv to hear from all of you who cud help or support me in any way possible.

    Hope my rant wasnt too bad lol xx

  • Hi there welcome to us fibrofolk,Feel free to share yoiur highs and lows with us; it relly helps us all.We all experience memory loss, most of the time we have written on the piece of paper then lost the paper so back to square one.We currently have a telephone that goes straight to ansaphone instead of rining a few times.Can I find the box the phone came in no.My hubby has had a hip replacement some 18 days ago so house is in a tip as he was sent home quite quickly cos of Bank Holiday.I do have a flare at present so am tired,snappy and not a nice person at present.It is very stressful doing everything 24 x 7.The tablets make him sleep, so I have to decide whether to sleep as well or try to tidy up a little.We'll get there in the end.take care fibromates.

  • Hi sonyam, FMS definetely has Fibro fog, where your memory is impaired, cant remember what you were doing, day the week, just about anythng really. I keep lots of notes and keep them in the same place if poss. You will find this site very useful, I have. Only been on here for few weeks, but it so nice to be to correspond with others who understand and dont look at you like you have too heads or must be exaggerating. x

  • Hi laurielee yea i have wee post it stickers everywhere lol x As im writing to you now im in chronic pain i can hardly use my crutches coz pains in hands make it hard to use them plus i cant put one leg in front of the other for soaring shooting pains. im goin to doctor tomorro to see if he can give me more tramadol or somethin as i cant cope with this pain any longer...i just cant.

  • Also thanx everyone for ur kinds words xx they much appreciated x

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