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Hi I'm a newbie to this site and it's nice to meet you,I have had fibromyalgia years now but in the past year I've discovered a few lumps

Has anybody else got or had this problem and do I need to get them all checked? I had two checked in my breast but turned out to be limphnodes and now I've found more in my neck and other breast,I'm fed up with worry any advice please guys Thanku x ;)

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Please have them checked i cant put everything down to fibro and welcome x


welcome to the site i have never read anything about lumps being part of fibro. so please get it checked out hugs sue



I have them every where, I have only had then since I have

Had fibro. They are not very big.

One on my arm was removed but it's fat that is inside

The surgion told me they were called dercums strange


I would never ever leave any lump get it checked that is

How I know that mine is nothing to worry about.

Love Viv x

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This will explain that it is a thing we have with

Fibro just some thing else to contend with


Hi mandz

Firstly, welcome to the site and I sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do? I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today?

I just wanted to say that there is a post from littlejan called, 'Aching and tired' whereby she says that she has sum lumps! I d not know if hers are like yours? But it may be worth posting her to talk? I have posted a direct link to her post for you.

I think with something of this nature it is always wise to consult your GP and get them checked out.

Take care and please keep us ll up to date on how you get along.

Ken x

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Hello Mandz,

Welcome to our FibroAction Community !

I must be honest, the first thing that I thought about when you mention lumps & in particular that you have had previously had enlarged lymph nodes is M.E /CFS. I have personally come to realise that some of the symptoms of Fibro & M.E/CFS are synonymous and it is often discussed as to the differences between the two conditions.

Here is a quote I have just found which appears to confirm my thinking and it's written by the Founder of FibroAction & Trustee/Director, Lindsey Middlemiss;

Fatigue, even debilitating fatigue, can be Fibro. And autonomic symptoms, such as dizziness, are typical of Fibro.

Swollen glands would be a more typical CFS/ME symptom.

With Fibro, the issue is not getting enough restorative deep sleep - it is sleep quality that is important, more so than quantity. This can be treated with medications and can be helped with lifestyle measures.

Here's the link where you can read the passage above;

I am certainly not doubting your diagnosis of Fibro although misdiagnosis has been known to occur or am I saying you have M.E/CFS as well as Fibro as I am not able to make that diagnosis. I really just wanted to bring to your attention and highlight the fact that this is known as a criteria for diagnosing M.E/CFS as you can read in the link below;

I would consider speaking with your GP to discuss any possibilities of misdiagnosis, the mixed aetiology and of course the new presentation of these lumps. If found to be enlarged lymph nodes once again, then my personal opinion (which should not impact on your decision whatsoever) is that I would consider asking the question about M.E/CFS ?

I hope this helps

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi welcome to this great site, I have lumps also on arms legs and tummy, my doctor said they were fatty lumps, but I always get any new lumps checked out just in case

Mazz xx


Morning mandz, welcome to this wonderful site u couldn't have picked better it....I think you. Will find the lumps are due to fibro, I had a huge one come under my armpit, the fibro doctor told me it is another symptom that I part and parcel of fibro...BUT I would always get any lump checked out, it's better to be safe than sorry, so although your lumps could be fibro it's best that you goto the docs to get s diagnosis each time a lump comes, mine come and go, and they are huge especially under the armpit, good luck, look forward to reading you posts....gentle hug...Dee x


Hi Mandz, I have had Fibro for many years but lately I have found a lump on my back just below my neck. I have had loads of other health issues so not shown the Doctor yet. This is an awful condition it nearly ruined my life.


I have lumps on my neck through fibromyalgia, contact me if u wish on here


Thankyou everybody xx thank you soooo much to each and everyone of you out there for all the replies (((((( gentle hugs ))))) I'm just so gob smacked that theirs a lot of you with these horrid illnesses,I'm at the docs tomorrow so wish me luck i will get back to you that's if I remember too hehe blooming fog takecare all thank you again xx


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