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Hi, i hate to ask such a personal question, but i am so worried. I have had an irritable bladder for about three years with blood in my

urine. For the last few months i have been bleeding from the bladder and have to wear a pad it is so bad. I have had a scan & a camera to look around and both came back showing nothing. My doctor is quite dissmissive about it, but i have lower belly ache and feel rubbish!

Could this be another fybro curse. Hope yous don't mind me asking but i'm worried sick and getting nowhere with the nhs. Thanks in advance. Gentle hugs. (xx)

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HI as far as i am awair FMS does not cause blood in urine .. my advice would be to go back to the doctor take a friend or someone who can help you be strong and you make a fuss until more tests or a specialist appointmant is made xx

Even if i am wrong that everything must be checked out .. Problem with doctors and fms is that everthing we have is put into the fms box ..I always think if i had a bone stuck out of my leg they would put it down to Fibro its horrid but fight ...

If nothing else blood will be effecting iron levels and thats not great either xx

Gentle dyslelexic hugs


thank you, i will go back and take my hubby with me. I feel the same with regards to everything that is a problem, he always puts it down to fibro. If doctors only took a little more interest and bothered to study it a bit more, us fybro sufferers would feel more confident in them. Hope you're having a good day,

Gentle hugs ( ps. I'm a fellow dyslexic, thank god for texts messaging!! lol ) xxx


agreed mind sometimes i look at my meaasges and think who wrote that lol xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


This is not something I have experienced, but I would say it's something which needs investigating further! It should not be dismissed as nothing when you are bleeding all the time.. My daughter had many tests when she was 15 as she was bleeding when she opened her bowels, every day, and suffering diarrhea, eventually she was dismissed as an attention seeker, and probably irritable bowel. A Dr told me, she's just going to have to put up with it, like I'm bald!!! Admittedly it wasn't so well known as it is now, but she was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis where you can bleed from any orifice! This led to her having a hysterectomy at 26 years of age! Don't LET them fob you off, you need proper investigation. Good luck, keep us informed.


Thank you.. I will update yous on my progress with him. Thank god for this lovely suuport group. You are wonderfull people. Big gentle hugs xxx


I understand why you would feel worried about this. I know this sounds really basic, but you have been checked for urinary tract infection - right? I have had severe UTI in the past, with constant dull pain in lower abdomen, blood in urine etc - though never so bad I needed to wear a pad.

You can get over the counter remedies which can work out quite pricey - or drink loads of cranberry juice with bicarb of soda mixed in to neutralise the acid. If you try that for a day (min. 1 litre) and the symptoms improve even slightly, it may be that that is what you've got.

I agree with the above comments though - this needs to be checked out, and you need to persevere with your doc.

Hope you get some relief soon.



Probably not the same thing, I find Duloxetine helps with bladder problem, blood loss put down to Mirena Coil. I think you definitely need answers!


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