Hi Ladies, I'm new to all this, but not the suffering, I have just had injections in my back, along with radio frequency, been awake all

Night to, feeling sorry for myself, I have been reading some of your post and feel you are a lot further along in your illness, my heart goes out to you, think I have made a bit of a hash off this post, will try harder next time, Cathy x

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  • Morning cathy64. I'm so to hear you have been up all night, thats not a good sign as we get worse on little sleep. Please don't feel you can't join in because you feel our illness are further on then yours, we are here to support all our friends with fibro. Hope you manage to get a better nights sleep tonight and that your injection works for you. Take care Deb x

  • Thank you so much, I have been diagnosed a couple of years, and been on my own with is, as friends and family have never understood, but I think they are finally realising what is going on with me, due to face book posts, I have never been off work with it no matter how bad I have felt, I have just shocked everyone by being signed of sick for the last 5 weeks with only ssp, so I think now they get it,

    Thank you so much for your reply and support

    Cathy x

  • Hi Cathy,

    Everyone is different, every one copes in their own way. I don't feel that I am as bad as some on here, but maybe a little worse than others. I have been diagnosed a couple of years ago and so far have managed to use holidays to cover bad days and have only had about 9 days actually off sick :)

    I am lucky that the most of my family do understand and I have a boss who maybe doesn't understand but is trying and I have a work colleague who very kindly will do some of my work that entails a lot of walking, so happy days.

    Take care, and hopefully you will be feeling a bit better soon :)

  • Thank you for your support, I can't believe In such a short space in time there is so many people to chat to about this awful condition

    Thank you once again


  • It is nice to know there is support if needed :)

    I find for me the best nit is the humour a lot of us use to combat the nigglies, be sure to join in it can be hilarious at times.

    Big hugs :)

  • Ha I have already guessed that, humour is a good medicine xx

  • Hi Cathy

    I'm new to all this too, and only joined a couple of days ago. Like you, my family didn't really understand so much so that it caused myself and my husband to split up, but since joining I have received so many messages of support and lots of good advice. Please don't feel like you can't join in. We are all here to support one another, as we are all going through similar, though different (if that makes sense!), experiences.

    Take care

    Emjay xxx

  • I am really sorry to hear about your split, they just need to spend a little time in our bodies, I have 2 sons 19 & 21 they do try bless, they help with anything heavy around the house, and I'm only talking about simple things like pulling washing out of the machine, complete impossibility some days, I have a awesome niece who found this sight, and 2 older sisters who just stay away, but we just carry on, I hope you have some support, it does help,


  • Hi Cathy

    I have amazing parents who have been really supportive and don't think I could have got through the last 18 months without them. My two children are a little young yet to understand how disabling this is on bad days, but they try their best to help.

    Take care


  • That's really great even if your children are young, my parents are no longer with me, it would have made my dad Ill to see me like this, I always have had trouble with my back and knees, when I had bad days he would be terrible, bless,

    I still think he is looking after me though, it's wonderfull you have support from your family xx

  • I'm sure he is still there looking out for you. I know my mum and dad find it hard seeing me ill too, and sometimes I feel guilty (especially as they both have inflammatory diseases) because I think it should be me looking after them now at their time of life and not the other way around.

    Take care xxx

  • I understand where your coming from, but I'm sure they don't mind at all, plus they have the bonus of spending time with their grandchildren xx

  • Hello Cathy

    You haven't made a hash of your post at all.

    I don't think we are necessarily further along with our illness, perhaps we just understand it a little bit better, due to the helpful advice from everyone here.

    As Tired says we all have Fibro to different degrees, but we all have the condition in common with each other.

    I've been a member for a couple of years but locked myself out and had to make a new profile 😁. See ~ it happens to us all 😊

    Welcome to a lovely friendly forum where you'll find advice, help, laughter and compassion.

    Look forward to seeing you around

    Gentle hugs

    Lu xx

  • I am so sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering so much and I sincerely hope that you find some resolution and relief soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you so much for the support Ken

    Cathy x

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