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Painful wrist, and hip?

Hello all, I'm new to the boards and new to Fibro, was diagnosed with it in January, what took me to my GP in the first place is my wrist and hip and generally aches and pains all over my body, along with a myriad of other symptoms. My hip and wrist were so sore and painful and still is, this has been going on since mid November. I go and see my GP on a monthly basis, and mention my hip and wrist each time. I was told that my hip was probably bursitis, and to wear a support bandage for my wrist? Does anyone else suffer with wrists and hips and if so what were you advised?

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hi there we all have lots of aches and pains here and they are all wide spread . Fibro is a confusing illness and take some time to come to terms with individually. The pain you feel is very real and will tire you and sometimes for me is exhausting, and some will be because of another diagnosed ailment it may not cause the damage that the other ailments may cause but it will complicate things and for me I end up feeling stiff and tense at the beginning and end of a day although usually a little better in the morning unless I haven't paced my previous day. Well I could go on more and more but wont but what I would say read others and see what you identify with. xx

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I find that supporting my wrist in some way tends to help ease the pain, I've tried ones that are just little things to wrap round the wrist, but I get better support/relief from one's that cover your hand too (my current favourites are black ones from boots that are probably 7-8inches in length) Even with those on I often find grasping the wrist with the other hand will produce some relief (although not long term practically). The other wrist supports I use are the ones with a metal bar that runs from your palm and down the arm - usually used for carpal tunnel, but again I bought mine from the chemist.

For my hips it has to be heat - heat pack, heat plaster, hot water bottle. I find it really hard to deal with my hip pain (I can't 'grip it' like I can with my wrist) Try not to stay in one position too long - if you're sitting try to change position, have a walk around if you can bear it - any little movements will help a little.

The other thing I do is adjust some of my day to day things - I have a proper china teacup and saucer for when I can't hold a mug, I have a very wide handled hairbrush and I cut my hair short to make it easier. Hope some of these ideas work for you too.


hi imps welcome :) good that you had such a quick diagnosis, have you had x-rays done on your hip area/low back & wrist. x


Hi Imps

Firstly, welcome to the forum and I sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do. I am so sorry to read that you have got this illness and I hope that you are as well as can be?

I also have pain all over the body but I have several other medical issues. I was wondering if your GP is referring you to a pain management clinic or sending you for an MRI? I was also wondering if you have been given any pain medication? As there are plenty of different medicines available for Fibro.

I think many on the forum will tell you that hip pain is quite common with Fibro, and I suffer with this myself. I really hope that you can get lots of useful and informative information off the site and that it genuinely helps you.

All my hopes and dreams for you.



Hi Imps, I too suffer with wrist and hand pain so bad it makes me feel very sick at times and restricts things I can do like writing or craft projects which makes me sad as I love knitting and crochet etc. I also get hip pain, with me it's muscular rather than bursitis and my hips lock after I've been sitting for some time and try to walk. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with pain too! I've had Fibro and CFS for about 4 years diagnosed but more than that I know since I started to struggle with pain and fatigue etc. I also have Lymphoedema which causes my legs and feet to swell massively and wear support stockings every day, it's very painful. Unfortunately my GP puts all of the above done to my depression and isn't very sympathetic but I do now go to a chronic pain team which has been very helpful in getting me on the best meds and offering other pain relieving options. It could be worth checking to see if you have a local chronic pain group to support you. They really take things seriously which has been very reassuring for me. They gave also helped me accept with the way life gas had to change for me in not being able to work or drive and only being able to walk a few yards now. Good luck and best wishes



Thank you all for your support and guidance, although I was diagnosed early I believe that I have had FMS for a few years now. But it was only in mid November that everything happened at once, I suppose that is what called a flare? Last week when I went to my GP I went in with a list of things that was happening to my body, my short term memory is shot to pieces. She was quite dismissive and said "what are you trying to tell me, you have something different" I was quite shocked really that was not my intention, most of my symptom's seem to be on my left side, although I get lots of aches pains and stiffness on the other side.

The reason for the list was because I am new to FMS and was hoping I suppose for more investigation, I have been offered physio, and not a lot else apart from amitriptyline, I'm not looking for tablets but information and ways to manage the pain, I'm now scared to ask for anything like being referred to a pain clinic which I have been pinning my hopes on I suppose for ways of coping with all of this that is very new. The only advise I was given by my GP was to try Yoga classes??


Welcome to the FibroAction Community Forum !

Members report it to be informative as well as supportive, so we hope you'll feel the same after being here a while.

FibroAction can provide you with a wealth of information which may help. You may wish to read our 'All about Fibro' range of factsheets which you can download & print easily for reference or to take with you to the GP.

Here's a link to the treatment section;

Many people use complementary therapies alongside medication as a combined approach towards Fibro. We have an evidence based up to date Complementary Therapies factsheet that may be of interest to you, link below;

Learning to live, adapt and accept Fibro can be difficult however we all understand as we have all been there so please do ask us anything.

The series 'Expert Patient' which provides information about diet, listening to your body, stress, pacing etc may be something you would like to read. If so here is the link to this too;

I hope this hasn't overwhelmed you too much, you have the links so you can take your time and read the information at your leisure.

In the meanwhile enjoy chatting to others around the community and I'm sure you will settle in in no time at all.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi I have got the same problems, but at last I may be seing a way forward.I saw a specialist last week who was amazing. He gave me all the time I needed to explain my problems and listened intently to all I told him. After examining me he diagnosed me with Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome.I have to go for an MRI scan to confirm this but he is determined to sort this out for me as I have been suffering terribly since a fall in my garden last summer, landing on my hip and wrist.I have been on morphine since then along with 27 other tablets for fibro and blood pressure., Maybe you could do a google search of this and see if it sounds like your symptoms. Hope this helps you. Katy x


Something that has helped me with both of these is to do the warm-up exercise on a beginner's T'ai Chi video. I cant do the while work out but the warm up helps. My Rheumy has referred me for some nerve conduction tests to see if I hve carpal tunnel but I think I dont have Carpal tunnel. Just fibro. But if it documents slowed nerve responses that could be helpful.


Hi imps, Welcome to this wonderful Site. Sorry you have been diagnosed with Fibro but @ least you now know what you are dealing with!

I have had ME/CFS/Fibro for many years. I suffer with bursitis which I had a really bad "Flare-Up" last year. The pain was relentless and ended up by my Rhyeumatologist having to give me a /Steroid Injection in the hip, thankfully after couple weeks relieved the pain!

Short-term memory loss is something that goes hand in hand with Fibro, can be so frustrating.

This is a very debilitating Illness and you should"nt be afraid to ask your GP for a referral to Rhyuematologist, which most of us are under the care of.

Looking forward to hearing more of your "posts".

They are a friendly, kind, helpful and informative bunch on this Forum.I am grateful to so many of the members for all of their support and invaluable advice. Also great to chat to someone who is in the same predicament as you and can relate to each other.

I hope you get lots of feed-back and help that I had @ the beginning and continue to have to date!

Take care of yourself.

Sending you Positive Healing Energies.

Best Wishes

Betty Baby X


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