wrist pain

Just would like to know if anybody suffers with any wrist pain? It was actually really weird i have been off work well this will be fourth week. Pains all over but yesterday i had a pain in my right wrist and it was making my veins really stand out. my children were fascinated by it.They were making me show them both wrists one stood out. Is this fm showing my children that mum is not putting this on although they realise that i don't. It did hurt

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  • You need to check with your G.P. I had this and it was carpal tunnel syndrome, I was working at the time and decided to have the procedure done.

    I understand your concern as it is very painful

    Soft Hugs

    Sue x x x

  • I agree it could well be Carpal Tunnel syndrome and as for the veins sticking out like that our bodies do some weird things sometimes and I have asked in the past why veins do become engorged like that and they say it is nothing to worry about. Sometimes the heat will do it. If you continue to get wrist pain and especially if you find that the pain comes from your finger next to your thumb and your middle finger and sometimes even feels like it is the nearer side of the ring finger and down into the wrist and your hands feel like they are going dead but hurt and burn. These are the symptoms of CTS that I and my sister who has now had hers operated on had. Mine is still spasmodic but hers had got to the point she was walking the floor at night as it was waking her up and could not sleep for the pain. Good luck xx

  • Hey sherry,

    I too have painful wrists but after tests CT was ruled out and it is put down to Fibro and the abuse I suffered at the hands of my brutal, rapist father many years ago. Now I can barely hold anything and have dropped many things. I'm now too afraid to carry my 9 and half month Grandson. And that kills me - there's so much I'm going to miss out on with him and his future siblings. I try not to think about how each Fibro-related problem came about as the anger surfaces and I cannot let it go. Even counseling did nothing to help - I usually try and stay "switched off" from past events to keep me sane!

    Gentle hugs and love,

    Carol xx

  • Hey Carol, I'm so sorry about the past. You are a very brave person. People like you are my inspiration for carrying on. Hope the wrist pain eases up and you get to enjoy time with the grandson. big (but gentle) hugs xxxx Purple Blossom

  • Hey Purple Blossom,

    Thank you for your kind words. I'll be asking about my wrists when I next see my GP. Pain meds have helped ease the wrists- but - I'm losing feeling in them more and more. My Grandson and my Daughter are staying tonight and I'm too afraid to hold him. As I type the tears flow thick and fast - I detest what Fibro has done and is doing, to my body. As I know all on here detests what Fibro does to theirs also.

    Big, gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

  • Carol, has anyone ever checked you for myofascial trigger points? They can cause symptoms like Carpal Tunnel as you describe.

  • Hello Lindsey, Gentle Hugs,

    I will ask my GP about this when I see her in 2 weeks time.

    I've never heard of myofascial trigger points. Thanks for the heads up.


    Carol xx

  • Hi Sherry i have wrist pain and my rheumatologist explained that i have osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists, i knew they were getting weak as i drop things but didnt realise it was that.

    i use a stick to walk thanks to fibro and this makes my right wrist worse, i wear a support on it now when i walk but it does help, quite a lot actually.

    take care

    Lin x

  • I have lots of hand wrist and arm pain. Not sure if others get that. Mine started with my fibro when I had an RTA, ease up slightly after about a year, and got a lot worse again when I went back to work. I've never thought about getting checked out for CTS though.... hope everyone is feeling bit better today. hugs. xxx

  • Yes, I get pain in my wrists and they are often accompanied by shooting pains across the back of my hands and I can't hold anything or do anything when that happens. The wrist pain is there most of the time and the pains across the back of my hands lasts for anything from a few seconds to a several minutes.

    Bit of a pain for a writer!!

    Hope you find out soon what's causing yours, mine is just down to the fibro apparently!

    Take care of you xxxxxxx

  • Hi, my wrists are my trigger that my meds need to be upped or changed. I find this the worst part of this condition personally, because it effects everything I do. Not had the vein symptoms though, so better get that checked out hun. X

  • I have very painful wrists. I was diognosed with CT in October 2010 and had my op that December. However, although I healed very quickly The pain was so bad that I still couldn't return to work 5 weeks after op. The specialist then diognosed deep pilar pain. I had ultra sound on it for 6 weeks and although it was better than initially, it still wasn't 'pain free'! I can't make a fist or touch my thumb to my plam, so op was deemed by Fibro specialist as 'FAILED'! Now I have the same symptoms as before plus similar in other wrist, but no way will I have another op on them!.

    So it could be CT, Fibro or both!! But in my case having an op didn't work. Some people on the other hand!!! have had very successful ops . But perhaps not Fibro as well??

    Best wishes Sue.

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