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Painful wrist

Hi all, I've woke and feel like my wrist is broke, I know it's not but that's how it feels, how can this be, it was fine yesterday, this is the fibro I guess, this is the worst pain I've had in months, I can normally manage pain well but this is something else.

I've read all the blogs and I hope you all have a peaceful and happy day despite your pain

Nicki xxxxxx

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How awful for you Nicki.

Is it better if you put a tubigrip on it? I don't know why but when my wrists or ankles hurt putting tubigrip on helps; it's as if my brain subconsiously remembers it being better when I did actually have some damage. Fibro is weird isn't it?

Julie xx


Thank you yes got tubi grip on, amazes me how pain can develope that quick, it'll probably disappear as quick too, very strange this fibro!!!!!!

Love nicki xxx


same as me i put tubigrip on does help alot my fingers feel like they are broken in the morning but i use magnesium spry which helps but have loads of cuts on my hands so cant use it at moment


Thank you, bet your fingers hurt!!!!!!!

Got my tubi grip on but as I speak my daughter, lyla has nicked and it's now on her leg!!!!! Bless


Likewise for me - I have small hands, so size B tubigrip helps. If my fingers are also playing up, I tend to rub a bit of Tiger Balm Red into all of my joints, and then wear tubigrip over my fingertip-less arthritis gloves. It tends to ease it enough for me to get stuff done.

Hope you're feeling less ouchy soon! Gentle hugs,

Sara xx


Thank you Sara xxxxxxxx


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