Wrist band

Got my fibro wrist band today one purple and one yellow , one for each arm didn't know you get two , so hopefully I can help with raising some fibromyalgia awareness, I was unable to walk for six weeks as my ankles and feet were swollen so I was glad when I was able to walk this week, until today now my leg is sore again but this time it's the shin and ankle, so I hope it's not another six week without walking. Lots of hugs Anna.

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  • Glad you like them!

    Because there is sometimes confusion between the International Awareness Colour for Fibro of purple and the yellow & black used in the UK by some Fibro organisations, we produced a wristband set, with one wristband in purple and one in yellow & black.


  • Arr love them thanks , I voted for the purple one so very happy.

  • Can't wait to get mine :)

  • Still waiting for mine weeks later, even though the money was taken straight away.

  • sorry i must have missed out on this one, where do you get them from, could someone please tell me. thnx

  • Lorilain, I think you will find the link at the bottom of the first reply on LindseyMid's reply, if you click on the link it should come through.

    Hope that helps. Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy,, just to let you know that i ordered my wrist bands that day thnx to you telling me where to go, i recieved them yesterday which i thought was very quick.

    I recieved two, one mauve, & one yellow.

    Best wishes, Lorilain x

  • Still waiting for mine xxxx

  • Haven't received mine yet!! :-((

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