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Assault / Abuse ? Bristol Royal Infirmary - Pals and Physiotherapy Teams


Please can I have some opinions:

I was recently subjected to an examination which was not what I was expecting - and when my legs were pushed apart - I said it hurt too much. The physiotherapist pushed harder. I went to put my hands down to protect myseld and she pushed harder again.

I can't undress on my own and was made to undress alone - and I hurt my back and neck in the process

I was told I had to put on shorts - and I was made to wear a stained size small pair of nylon shorts, that smelt of body fluid - and I am XL size

I was emotionally blackmailed and told I could not get a second opinion

I was threatened and humiliated and they talked about my personal life and made judgements on me.

Later we received inappropriate calls on our phone which were intimidating and threatening

Pals were investigating - but that got stopped because the manager of Pals acted dishonestly and broke the complaint process.

So here I am - scared, hurt, depressed - feeling I have been mentally, physically and emotionally abused

Am I wrong to feel this?

What can I do ?

Why do hospitals protect the staff from complaints and not the patient?

No one has rung me to check I am ok?

They worst thing is - they tried to force me to accept care from the perpetrator after I had complained ....

Has anyone else come across anything like this?

I am so upset with the Bristol Royal Infirmary - they have let me down.

I would love some advice


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It's not acceptable and you have every right to complain. Have you had any more contact from PALS? I would get in touch, write or email with all the detail you can muster. Check where to go with complaint beyond PALS. Threaten to contact your MP. Can CAB help? In short, channel your hurt and stay firm in your intent. Don't know if you might need legal advice, but if course that will cost?

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I know ... even the fact they made me wear dirtied shorts for an examination - I didn't realise things like this went on !


Hi stevespoc

I sincerely hope that you are as well as can be? Firstly, I am so sorry that you have been treated in this way and I truly understand why you feel abused.

I think if I were you I would make a detailed list of everything that happened including how much of the exact wording that you remember. Try and do the same with the phone calls and compile it into a dossier form of dates, times, who said what, who was present and it made you feel.

Then I would inform the hospitals governing body, your MP and give a copy of all of this to your solicitor. You may be able to find no win no fee solicitor?

Good luck with all of this, as I truly believe this sort of poor treatment must be stamped out within a National Health Service that we pay for!

Al my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Steve I'm so sorry to hear of your ill treatment , I would seek legal advice and even report them to the police, it's physical abuse and they can't get away with it. Good luck with it all and gentle hugs x


Go to the police, straight away, abuse of any kind, intimidation, threats are all a police matter, the cps will set you up with a prosecution lawyer at no cost to you,

refusing you a second opinion is illegal,

making you put on dirty clothes that have not been laundered since they were worn by someone else (hygiene and health and safety ), and that were massively too small are against their own rules, hence illegal,

Not giving you the basic aid you needed to undress, also a serious breach of health and safety and there own statement of care,

making a patient see a healthcare worker they have made a complaint about, also illegal,

Making threats and abusive phonecalls, also illegal,

Also bring charges against the head of pals, breach of conduct, not fit for purpose, unfit for the job due to lack of ethics,

As well as going to the police, and your MP, also go to your local newspapers and television stations, make a fuss, make sure everyone knows what happened to you, then others who this has happened to may come forward not just backing you up but showing it is an ongoing problem not a one-off

This is abuse and abuse of everyone must be stopped, I hope it goes well and please let us know how you get on!

Love and fibro hugs


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Please do not accept inappropriate treatment like this. My sister was treated very badly by the hospital after her operation, she was left with inadequate care and was extremely traumatised by the whole situation for months afterwards. They lied and also doctored her medical records to fit their lies. We instructed a solicitor on a no win no fee basis, and she was awarded £20k in compensation. So please do not feel bullied, and speak to a solicitor.


Hi Steve, to say the care you have received is not up to standard is a massive understatement! You are well within your rights to complain and I think you will be doing other patients a favour as I doubt you are the only one to have been treated this way. As well as contacting your MP, I would recommend you contact the Care Quality Commission as they are the body that inspects hospitals etc to ensure they are adhering to national standards of care. I worked in a GP surgery until recently and mention of the CQC used to make them go wobbly so this will hopefully get something done about the totally unacceptable standards of care you were shown. Their phone no and email are:

03000 61 61 61


I do hope you get redress soon and can start to put this nasty incident behind you xx

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Oh Steve!!! Poor you!! What a disgusting way to be treated! I hope you have written a strongly worded letter to the hospital chief with every single detail included! This is a complete abuse of your situation by 'professionals' who should know better. I'd be contacting my local MP too. I do feel for you....why are we made to feel belittled by people like this? It's enough that we have to live every day with our afflictions. We do NOT need twits like this in our lives. Good luck to you...((hugs)) :)


Good news - today after an MP, The Police and The Board have become involved, the hospital have started to investigate.

Kind regards



I have to say that today I have woken up and I am worn out by it all ..... Hospitals just do a job, and I think they forget the caring element - it is very much like a business

I do have to say that there are some amazing teams in the Bristol Royal Infirmary including TIA Team, Respiratory Team, Haematology, Sleep Clinic, Xray/Ultrasound, Neurology, Cardiology etc ..... so I have to emphasise that there are some good teams - who make you feel human and like a patient. I am just so shocked that a Pals team can be so corrupt and that has rocked my confidence in the hospital.

We all know what it is like to be totally drained and the pain gets in the way of everything - the last thing any of us need is a problem with the care giver. Hope you all have a great weekend.


The investigation is still on going ..... at least I have been told so far that the assessment was inappropriate ...

I just hope that the Bristol Royal Infirmary ends up supporting the patient


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