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Dear Friends

I wanted to thank you for all your comments recently about the terrible situation I found myself in at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

I have read your comments and agree that patient dignity and threats are totally immoral and inappropriate. I have stood my ground and won't back down from the hospital. Even though they refuse to communicate and put up so many barriers in dealing with the complaint.

I am happy to confirm that the allegations of assault and abuse are being looked into ... so I thank you all for giving me some strength to fight this and know that I was not going insane.

I do feel very strongly that the government introduce a Pals team for the good of the patient but in reality they really want to sweep things under the carpet and avoid problems for the hospital.

The Bristol Royal Infirmary should be ashamed of the physiotherapy staff involved and understand that patients already have a hard deal on the NHS so the last thing we want is to be in the hands of a team that is lead by a manager intent on retaliation and revenge - a big no no.

Hugs to you all .... and I am smiling more today

S x

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Good to hear you are smiling more today.




What baffles me is that every time the govt threatens to put something right another failure crops up.

Go Steve, Go Gentle hugs


Well done Steve, pleased to hear that, you keep them smiles coming, take care,n gentle hugs ...Dee x


Hi steve

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am delighted to read your post as you sound so much more happier that you were last time.

I think it is wonderful that your case is being looked into, and I sincerely want to wish you luck with this

All my hopes and dreams for you



It seems the Physiotherapy team are up to their old tricks .... telling the investigating bodies the matter is all resolved ,....however, the investigation has yet to be started ... and they just tell a load of lies to all and sundry.


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