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Pain clinic, what a joke!!

Got refered to local pain clinic on 30th sept 2012, by Jan 2013 i had heard nothing so phoned gp to send another letter and was told i was looking at April2013 for my first app.

Phoned to chase up my april app yesterday to be told i have been pushed further down the list and i am now looking at June for my app!!

Even that isnt a defo timescale so in the run up to june i will prob be pushed back again!!

So angry and annoyed with it all now, all i want is some help away from medication!!

A very naggy Holly xxxx

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How frustrating, Holly - I do hope you get your appointment soon!

Moffy x


Very annoying! I hope you get sorted soon x


That's awful. Trouble is jokes are funny :( don't these people realise a 'slipped' appt is another few months of pain. Can't your dr write to chase for you?


Hi Holly.

I am in the South East. I went to a pain clinic a few years ago. At that time there was an 18 month waiting list!

Hope you don't have to wait too much longer.

The course was very tiring. Some of it was interesting e.g the psychology side of pain and how we deal with it and our emotions etc... and pacing made sense although not easy to get to grips with, but the exercise element was a nightmare! We all had to do the same exercises even though we were all there for very different reasons. Not everyone had Fibro. Some people had had serious accidents so our needs really were very different. The physio. was a bit of a bully and we all hated this aspect of the course.

When you get there, just take what you can from it. I hope it will help you.

Take care, Hugs Saskia xx


Its just not good enough.


I was there last week for the second time and all I got was a machine rather usuless to calm down the pain. If you get on with physio and/or acupuncture it may help you too as well but not otherwise.

I was explained that they are not really trainned for wide spread pain like the one we get from fibro so there's no much they can do for you. The also have injections, which can make things worse too it seems for over sensitive people like us, and with short effects if it works but that cann't be put in every single part of the body where it hurts. I don't know you but for me it's almost everywhere. They have group therapies to help you cope with pain but a more concentrated type of pain. It may still work for you if you want to try but that is it, I'm afraid. I was really looking forward that appointment and it was usuless. I can go for harder painkillers if I can't stand it any more but that it's never going to be a definitive solution. It's really frustrating but this is it, that's all help available by nhs. Complementary therapies maybe give you a better chance for as long as you can afford them. I am sorry to sound so negative, this was my experience, yours might be better. All the best


Thank you all for your comments.

I am just getting so fed up of endless painkillers everyday.

Im not holding out a lot of hope for any sort of miricle from the pain clinic, i have heard from a few people that they didnt do much for them but at least its something i can cross off the list to try!

Ive been advised about changing my diet but all the stuff which is free from certain things is so much more expensive than regular food and i simply cant afford it, nearly 3 pound for one loaf of bread gives an idea on how expensive!

Seems like we are constantly up against battles which dont help our illness!



Hi Holly sorry to hear about your appointment problems, my appointment was pretty quick I went on pain management programme couldn't do haf the exercises then when I was discharged the letter sent to me and I suppose my doc said I was unwilling to take part where do jerks like him get off telling us that we are unwilling to take part. Hope you have a better time of things than I did. Sithy


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