Cramp is doing my head in

I have had cramp in different places of the body ever since I started suffering and take medication for it and as you can imagine the weather at the moment is not helping however today the cramp in my legs has been agonising I increased the pills to try and help I have had extra salt in my food nothing is getting rid of it and I have had just about enough now as it's 1.40am and it's getting worse not better sorry just felt like ranting over now but cramp not gone ha ha as if

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  • Hi Colegg

    I am so sorry to read that you are really struggling with cramp at the moment. I can empathise with you about the weather. I went out today just for an hour and I have had pains in my legs and feet all evening and it still hasn't gone away. I hope that you didn't get caught in this rain?

    Anyway, I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue as soon as possible. I am sorry that I cannot offer any alternative ideas.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • a glass of indian tonic water a day does help cramp it contains quinine

  • Good suggestion, thebimbo. I know Indian tonic water is good for nausea. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Saskia XX

  • Hi thebimbo2

    I hope that you are as well as can be? I have not heard of Indian tonic water in years. It used to be so popular about 30 years ago. I am showing my age a bit here! Where can you buy it from these days please?

    Thank you

    Ken x

  • Poor you. I have bad cramp too especially in my left leg and foot. Over the years I have found ways of placing my feet so that they don't cramp so badly - I do it when I don't have cramp to prevent it coming. For example, if I am lying on my front I turn my toes inwards so that they cross each other. When I am lying on my side I bend my knees and put my feet into a position with the ankles fully flexed and maybe pull the toes up a bit. I don't lie on my back as that seems to make it worse. Have you tried using things like hot water bottles to prevent it comng? I don't know whether it is psychological but I find drinking hot marmite seems to help to keep it away as well. I also did a massage course and massage my own feet before I sleep, you can buy a book by Denise Whichelow-Brown which tells you how to massage yourself, its much cheaper than going to a therapist and you can massage yourself every day - or if you have another half, you can get him/her to read the book to learn how to do it! Hope this helps as I know it is a real nuisance when you have broken sleep anyway to be woken with cramping pains. Lots of hugs and sending a cyber foot massage with this message. xx

  • Ditto I woke up at 3am could not get back to sleep .i sometimes getting when out with friends which has seen me fall over.what a good look!not. What meds do you take as I am seeing my dr about as I get the cramps and terrible bruising for no reason. Sending gentle hugs cramp is alful

  • Hi Colegg,

    What rotten luck to be prone to cramp ! You say you have tried everything so I guess you drink tonic water the one with quinnine in it it does help a bit of a long shot the other I found at Christmas is blueberrie drink mixed with cranberries very help full and it taste good not too sweet - so may be not too many sugars that every one is raving about.

    This damp weather doesn't help seems to go for the bones so I dont know how about sitting with your feet on a hot water bottle at night. I have under floor heating in one bit of my house and that helps brilliantly..

    What ever I hope it settles for you and quickly!!


  • I agree Gins I sometimes have a glass of Indian tonic water as I feel it helps to settle my digestive problems but it does work for cramp too :) xx

  • I suffer from really bad cramps in my feet and legs and take quinine sulphate given to me by the doc which seems to help. Drinking tonic water with quinine can help as well.One thing I was told is that sometimes a lack of potassium can cause cramp so I eat a banana a day may seem silly but seems to work.I hope something works for you and i know how painful it can be.

  • Usually we are told not to eat bananas very fattening but I love them and one a day giving you potassium sounds brilliant. - Give it a go :) Good suggestion mike. xgins

  • My mother swore by an increase in salt to combat night cramps and it does seem to help me. It might also be why Judith finds drinking marmite helpful because it has a fairly high salt content. When I do get night cramps, and you have my complete sympathy as I know how painful it is and how long the pain lasts for afterwards, I find increasing the amount of salt I take really helps. This could partly be because I seldom add salt to anything, even cooked veg.

  • Hi Colegg, as I read the heading of your post my instant reaction was to suggest more salt, but you are on to that one, I have also tried Indian Tonic water which did seem to help! but we are all individual and have to find what suits us. I think you can try everything that everyone has suggested, but have you spoken to your doctor about this ? He/she may be able to help you a bit more. I am so sorry this is such a big problem for you, I have it occasionally so consider myself very lucky.

    I sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • My GP gave me quinine sulphate tablets but they were only to be taken if the Indian tonic water didn't do the trick. I've not needed to take the tablets. If you don't like the taste, some flavoured versions are on the market.

  • Hi,

    I'd like something that works too. I do keep stretching to try to help it but so far………..:-(



  • I have been using quininie for years for cramp got them of my Dr and it does help. Sorry to hear your suffering hope you try the quinine.

  • Magnesium Citrate is brilliant for restless leg and cramp - particularly at night. Has to be citrate, however as oxide doesn't absorb as well, and is quite laxative. Holland and barratt do a goo one, quite cheap, but look at the lable carefully, as "citrate" isn't very big on there.

  • Oh, and it takes around a week or 2 before you see the benefits - I know though when I have missed a couple of doses though, as it returns.

  • I was reading The Lady magazine so this is from them - apparently a teaspoon of marmite or oxo in a cup of hot water before bed tome is the answer to your problem.. Hope it is! xgins

  • Hi Colegg,

    I feel badly for you - I have suffered from cramp for many years and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.

    I do have some ideas, both from my healthy ( gymnastics, ballet, rowing, martial arts) days, and my now sedentary days:

    1. - salt ( food salt is generally sodium chloride) is not the best way to deal with cramp - potassium chloride is much better and I believe the Losalt ( for people cutting down on salt) contains this, but as Gins mentioned - Bananas are high is easily digested and blood soluable potassium chloride - as a sporty person we were made to eat these an hour before sports to help with the inevitable cramps.

    2. - Lemon water - sounds simple,is simple, just a glass of room temperature water with a whole lemon squeezed into it - drink this with your food - ideally with the food that contains your "salt" - the lemon contains minerals which work on the ion channels in your body allowing the "salt" to move accross , therefore you get more benefit from it.

    3. - blood flow - for your body to deal with the cramp, it needs to get the goods there, via the delivery van of your blood supply - try to increase blood flow to the area ( that is why rubbing can help a bit) - this can be done a number of ways - if cramp is below the waist then bending the knees ( if able) like in Ski training - up and down will pump more blood to the lower levels. If cramp in arms, try straightening your arms and sticking your hands out at right angles and keeping in this position pump the arm / hand combo up and down using your shoulder muscles.

    There is another way - that our sports physio used, but it hurts - ice it and then heat it and repeat - but it had got to be the most painful way to increase bloodflow ever so do not recommend this.

    4. extend and flex the muscle - if possible - this helps quite quickly but is only really helpful if you can - sometimes the cramp is in a place that has arthritis or other issues and that is tricky.

    I hope something helps to lessen the cramps.

    Sending you Big virtual Hugs in the meantime


  • I'm sure I read somewhere to put a bar of soap in your bed, one of those things that sound too stupid to be any good, but if your are that desperate give it a go.

  • I have had great success with Quinine for cramp. One tablet at night. If I miss one it comes back, so I know it works.It also helps with restless legs. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for all the help I take an muscle relaxant from gp 2x twice a day had a long chat with him today and has increased it to 2x three times a day when needed also extra pills for ibs increased pain patch and back to gastro my gps are so helpful

  • sorry for your health problems i get bad cramp my doctor gives me quinine it helps a lot .good luck ,

  • i use quinine tablets i get them from my doctor as i get very bad cramps i also drink tonic water .hope that helps ,

  • Cramp is bad with a vengeance in both legs making me fall over increased the pills to 2x three times a day no good shooting up my back and in my spine on the floor three times today what an embarrassment can't cope in pain no more x

  • Vicks vaporub. Put it on before exercise. And before bed. I screemed my lungs out around same time lol 'screems all sound the same...hey!' Streaching excercises - in the bath.

    Keep smiling - keep em guessing!

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