Can't stick this cramp or weather any longer

I have had serious cramp now for over a week extra pills are not helping its not just in my feet it's in my legs hands ribs back and neck the pain is so intense I can't take much more I am going to try and see the gp tomorrow if I can but if I can't get an appointment I don't know what I am going to do anyone else suffer like this I have tried everything even eating salt

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  • Hi Colegg, I'm sorry you are still suffering with this and that the pills don't seem to be making any difference. I think it is a very good idea for you to see your GP tomorrow, if you can't get an appointment you could ring NHS direct and explain things to them and see what they say, alternatively you could go to your local A&E and again see what they come up with.

    It's so difficult isn't it, when it's heading for the weekend and things are wrong, it feels rather like one has been left adrift, but you haven't, there are those two services who you could turn to if you aren't able to get an appointment with your GP.

    I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Colegg

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way at the present time. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this.

    I am with Foggy all the way on this, please try and get in to see your GP, if you can't go to A&E or your local walk-in centre. I am sending you pleasant get well thoughts!

    All my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken x

  • I hope I get an appointment to thanks otherwise a trip to a&e I think it will be 7 days now it's not funny anymore

  • Hugs to you both to i love this forum to be able to chat and moan to others is a medication in itself xxx

  • That's exactly what we're here for Colegg, it's good to help others :-)

  • Great to hear such positive feedback :)

  • Hi Colegg, sorry to hear you are in such a mess. I'm quite sure the weather is to blame! I've been to my GP twice in agony this week, and while I'm quite sure I've annoyed him by turning up on both occasions, he has been able to help ease the muscle spasms I've been having this week. No need to suffer in silence honey, vent to us, and make the Drs do their jobs xxx

  • My cramping has disappeared since I went totally gluten free (touch wood, it's only been a few months) and I spoke with another lady earlier this week who has had the same experience being gluten free for 2 years. My GP wouldn't give me any medication for it because she worries about overloading my system so I had been eating a banana and drinking tonic water every day which substantially reduced it but it was still very regular, particularly the shin and calf in both legs at the same time - but all gone now (including period cramps). Obviously can't assume it will work for everyone but might be worth a try? Hope they subside soon for you, Xx

  • Morning colegg , I'm with foggy and ken, if it is getting you down that go to A&E or ring NHS direct they are very very good and helpful over the phone,... My muscles also go into spasms cramp or whatever it's called in my rib area and shoulder area, especially if I turn or bend......I do hope you start to feel better and get answers, ...sending you gentle hug and handful of sunshine....Dee xx

  • Morning Colegg,h

    Sorry to hear your cramp is still debilitating do go to A&E and talk to the triage nurse and see what they suggest dont forget to tell them alo about the methods you have tried to no avail they need to understand how you have tried and tried . Good luck xgins

  • Sorry to hear your'e in pain, I echo the others A & E, when I have had bad flare ups in the past I have gone to A & E & they gave me a morphine injection & it did help the pain enormously xx Always seems to happen at the weekend xx

  • Been to drs changed the meds again and taken bloods to see what vit levels are I have usually a low vit b12 but can't have injections or tablets as allergic my white cells usually come back slightly raised there will be an infection somewhere usually is as to bananas I am allergic to them along with serveral foods and medication so it's a struggle when it comes to have meals out along with ibs it's a nightmare and all the muscle relaxants I am on should combat the cramp usually does but not this week and asked if gp would give me morphine just to carry me on for 2 weeks till I see pain specialist as can't carry on anymore but she is worried it will affect my breathing so took 1 ami off me and added another patch see how weekend goes could be back there mon I would go to a & e but hereford are useless last time I went there with an asthma attack they did nothing so no hope now probably never heard of fibro let alone the pain it can cause xxx

  • Hi I suffer with bad cramp at night in feet and legs, I saw GP and was given quinine tablets, which WORK! I know unheard of that something works with Fibro, i would do lap of honour if I had energy :) I hope you get some relief, chin up chuck

    love xx

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