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Cramp radiating from shoulders and neck spreading up into my head


For years I've had neck and shoulder problems but just recently this been followed by cramp up into my head giving way to horrendous headaches. Any advice? Does anyone get anything similar?

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Yes I do . I have a shoulder impingement and find neck and shoulder pain a big problem with these conditions I also get the pain going up into my head. It normally develops into a migraine /severe headache. I try and get my husband to try and rub it for me or take one of my muscle relaxants to settle the cramps. Also depending what works a hot or cold pack on the neck seems to help me.

Hope you find what helps you soon

I get similar too.

but it is always important to tell your gp and consultant about it.




Yes this is my worst fibro symptom until I got treatment I was in bed 3 days of out every 7 with this .. As it is my neck and shoulder muscles are in constant spasm causing headaches ..after suffering for 5 years I finally found a consultant who would help and I have 3 monthly trigger point injections in my neck and shoulder.

If I get them every three months I don't get any headaches and my muscles in my neck and shoulders stay in mild spasm ,, any longer than that and I go into full blown spasm and I am pole axed in bed again for 3 days out of every 7 .

My GP referred me to my local pain clinic for this and if I get then on time my quality of life re fibro is greatly enhanced ... The trouble is getting them on time

So I would see your GP .. See if this is the problem ... Good luck

VG x

Thanks - I've always had neck and shoulder problems its the cramping into my neck and head that is new. Will see gp xx


Me too, it's horrible is'nt it, i've always had headaches and migraines since my teenage years, but since having fibro it's got much much worse, heat is the only thing that helps abut then as soon as I do something using these muscles it's off again, good excuse for not doing any housework but a painful one lol

Hi there,I've been suffering with severe headaches and migraines for a while now to the we where every day I had severe headaches sometimes developing int a migraine.I was advised to get it checked out with my g.p first which I did.Someone recommended a herbal remedy for migraines to me called feverfew which you can get from health span or I got mine off ebay.My g.p also prescribed propranalol which helped but I've decided to just stick with the feverfew.Ive not had a migraine now for a couple of weeks but have still had the occasional headache but not as bad as they were.I also use 4head stick which you can get from the chemists and apply it to your forehead and your neck muscles.Also a heat pack around you neck helps,I use wheat bags which you can get from the chemists or super drugs sell them very cheap x

Sorry for the mistakes!Instead of to the we where I meant point where.And also missed out the o on "into a migraine" x


I also have this. It seems to be really common in fibromyalgia. I also get pain in my jaw at the same time, which I find most bothers me. I find the best thing for the headaches in to lie down in a dark room! I also take amitryptaline to relax muscles and tramadol for pain alongside codydramol. My GP said that she will refer me for steroid injections in the back of my head if need be. Apparently that works really well. It is awful, isn't it. I went through a period a couple of months ago when I had heachaches every day for about a month but I'm better now. Generally if I can pace myself, rest at least once during the day (i.e. lie down on bed or floor for at least 20 mins) and not get stressed out I'm OK.

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I have these injections in my neck and shoulders .. If you get them regularly they really help

good luck

VG x

I have the same problem. it started recently 2 months ago. this happens in the night when on sleep. even when I get up and stand, it wont stop. then I used to eat some sault . then it stops after about 5 mts. no permanent solution I have found yet.

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