Hi all. I am suffering with very bad cramp in my thighs, and also I have a bad achillies and leg problem [ I had a suspected DVT ] is anyone out there having the same problems, and if so, what are you doing for it? I would be very grateful for any info. My doc is trying to cope with all sorts of problems I have at the moment, and although I have mentioned it to him, there isn`t enough `doc time` to cope with everything, It isn`t that I go any more than I should to him, but I feel a bit guilty bogging him down with so many things at the moment, but I am just having a rough time right now. I do talk to myself sometimes and tell myself to stop being a wimp, but then I remind myself, that without patients the docs., wouldn`t have a job, would they? terrible aren`t I ? Hugs

Lyndia x

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  • My GP suggested Indian Tonic Water as it has quinine in it, she also gave me prescription quinine but they don't normally like to do that.

    I don't particularly like ITW but you can now buy it in various flavours & it's a lot easier to take that way. It helped me a lot & I keep a bottle handy just in case.

  • Hi definitely tonic water it really works I believe a bar of soap in your bed will help too. It can be so nasty when the cramp stricks and you cannot move and stretch the cramping muscle. Hope you get quinine it is good I dont take it all the time but when I need it.

    I talk to myself to well at least I get good answers hehe xgins

  • I agree, I take tonic water just before bedtime as I got bad cramps in my calves in the night. Hope it will work for you

  • Bitter lemon also has natural quinine in x

  • I was going to say that mo.

  • If it's DVT. My mum just had a suspected case and had to inject herself every day until she was seen at the hospital and it was confirmed as something else.

  • Thanks for your comments. I have been to the hospital, and had certain things confirmed, but, of course, the pain is sometimes connected to having a problem with the lower back, which I had going on in the 70`s, then had a back operation, so was able to walk again, but sometimes , it still rears it`s ugly head, and, off we go again. I`m surprised your mum wasn`t sent straight to the hospital, and had to wait for an appointment , because, I went to my doc, and was immediately sent to the hospital, where a blood test was taken, and then if that doesn`t come back conclusive, a scan is taken, and you know the results straight away, and it is dealt with there and then. Anyway,Ihope she is doing ok now.

    Lyndia x

  • She only waited about 5 days and was soon much better. Thanks

  • im allergic to quinine I have a lump on one leg just above my ankle where my tendons have liocked, myb calves are so tense I cant walk my wrists down to my lil fingers lock too? any ideas anyone?

  • Hi. It sounds very much like the same as I have. My achillie on the left foot is very painful, plus the calve and then the cramps. However, my lower back is causing a bit of trouble at the moment, and that also can cause pain in the legs etc., to the point of not being able to walk,[ this I had in1978 and was in a wheel hair until I had a back operation which was very successful ]so, it is possible if you have a back problem, it could be something to do with that, it`s just a thought. As for the wrists, WELL I don`t even want to go there, I have had a steel knuckle put in on my right wrist, and the scafoid done on my left hand, and now have to see the surgeon again on Tuesday because the knuckle of the index finger on my left hand has swollen badly, which means, another op to have an inplant there in the next couple of weeks, however it could be worse, I suppose I`m just getting used to all this stuff, but I do sympathise with you, because I know how painful all of this can be,so chin up love, my motto is ` IT IS ONLY PAIN AND WON`T KILL YOU ` It`s just a B nuisance, keep thinking positively, and still try to do as much as possible to distract yourself from the pain. My thoughts are with you, lots of hugs and go to the doc., and ask to see an orthopaedic specialist, fortuneatly, I have the best,[ I live in Norfolk ] so I do count myself very lucky. Best wishes

    Lyndia x

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