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Since I added this penycyllin into my body my sleep patern is even more erratic but last night was a corker CRAMP

Not just in my right leg calf muscle but my left as well.behind the bandage. So a rub of offending muscle is out of the question. So now at 6.30 having waded through the messages I just read a parragraph about cramp and said quinine- tonic water etc wish I had some last night before I went to bed.-------------Practice what you preace :)

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Ohhh morning gins

Antibiotics whats the matter what have you done to calf xxx


Morning Hun

I have a silly infected leg it may be a ulcer or more likely just a infection - it is not nice but seems to be easing off now :) xgins


Magnesium is also a good alternative to tonic water. There is a spray that you can use before you go to bed. It's not cheap though.x


Ho hum ... well, the quinnine in the tonic water is good, or you can get it in tablet form from the GP. You may find that your calf muscles are tight (especially as the cellulitis must be having an effect on your already reduced mobility), so it might be an idea to get the physio to take a look, once the leg has healed. Also, ask the nurses to take an extra look at them when they change the bandages, just to be sure that your veins are functioning as they should - that's the least likely issue, given that it's bilateral, but you said they cancelled your Doppler, so it is worth getting them to double-check.

Sara xx


Thanks Hun what sound advice I will do that :) xgins


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