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Cramp in the legs and swollen hands

Hi, Does any other Fibro sufferer have a problem with horrible cramp in both lower legs at night?

I was in a car accident a month ago and every night since i have had terrible cramp in both calf muscles 2,3,4 times a night and i an hardly walk the next day my legs are so sore.... I saw the Dr and was given a prescription for Quinnene but, it can take 4 weeks before it can work!!!!

Another problem i am having is swollen hands... If i sleep for 1 hour or more when i wake my hands are very swollen and sore....any suggestions to why this is happening, It has been going on for months

Just been started on Cymbalta, been on it a week now so far so good, due to up dose to 60mg tonight..... Any advice for me please

Thanks in advance

Hugs to you all Fi xxx

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Hi, I can't be really helpful here ....have you tried a banana a day for the muscle cramps in your legs.... I only occasionally get this symptom and it coincides with me giving up on my daily banana.... Hot swollen hands I have not found any remedy for this... I go to bad with my hands and wake p with a larger size bright red and hands curled into fists I know more people on here suffer from this and I think tonic water has been mentioned ... And quinine which I see you have been prescribed... I will watch this post see if I can pick up any tips for my hands

Sorry I can,t suggest a cure but you are not alone suffering with this... Seems to be a fibro thingy though

Fingers crossed VGx


Hi Fiona.

I get the same, and was prescribed amitriptyline for the legs at night (also helps with jumpy leg) but makes me very groggy during the day.

Swollen hands are a common occurrence with me, and I haven't found any solution. I wake up in the morning to something feeling as useful as a bunch of bananas.

Sorry it's not much help, but at least you know that you are not alone.

Take care



Hi Carole,

Thanks for replying to my post, A bunch of bananas describes my hands perfectly lol

I didn't like Amitriptyline as they made me feel very drunk and the fibro makes me feel bad enough without that on top... The restless legs is a nightmare too...Poor Phil quite often gets kicked and he doesn't need it as he has MS

Hugs Fiona XXX


Thanks VG for your reply...I tried the banana and the tonic water first for the cramp but, no joy there....suppose i will just have to suffer til the Quinine kicks in.

I did wonder if the sore hands were a fibro thing but, i didn't see anything written about it...It is a horrible sensation as they don't feel like they are there, they are numb and so swollen. When i try to move them they are agony..

Have you been on Cymbalta or know of anyone who has? I tried Lyrica but i didn't like the weight gain( 4 stone) as soon as i came off it , with a some work i managed to get the weight off.

This seems a really nice site, I joined it a bit ago but, now i am needing to ask questions as i am getting symptoms i don't quite understand.

I was a Staff Nurse for 28 years till Fibro got its claws into me and now at 49 i am retired and no longer have my registration and no pension either :(


Fibro is indeed the most annoying of illnesses I had to give up work at 35 lost my pension too.. Money wise fibro reallllllly sucks. I am on dosulepin and clonezapam at night... The dosulepin makes me gain weight... Just over a stone... Tried coming off it lost the weight but didn't sleep ... Would rather be fatter and have sleep I decided.. My gp won't give me anything stronger than paracetamol for pain.... Not his fault I am allergic to so many pain killers and antibiotics there's not much that they can do for me unless they find a cure.... But knowing my luck I,ll be allergic to that too, try to keep positive.. Easier said than done.... Today I feel as lively as a welly filled with water... But had a good weekend . Hope you get some relief with the quinine soo

Hugs VG x


sorry cant help but i have cramp usually in my right leg and foot at night and have swollen hands esp in the morning when i wake up


sorry i cant help either i get the cramps and wen i strech out at night it kills me but i have to do it but i allso get thbe spasms to like my whole body shakes dont know wat this is but hey ho im taking amitriptiline 25mg highest does they can give me but not working anyway babe good luck ur not the only one keep ur head held high ok

take care tara xxxx


Hi Tara, Thanks for replying to my post.... It is 4am and once again i am up with cramp i have had it 3 times tonight, it has now managed to work its way up my leg and is now in my buttock.... It is agony!!! I can hardly walk with it.

How can they only give you 25mg of Amitriptiline? they started me on a much higher dose.... I hated the drug and only took it for a few weeks it made me feel very drunk.

I have just started on Cymbalta, have you tried that drug? I just doubled my dose last night to 60mg as i seem to be ok on it so far...

This Fibro is horrible it has totally taken my life away.... The pain is so bad and the brain fog is soul destroying... i was a nursing sister before i got it, now i couldn't myself!!! I have lost my registration and will never nurse again....heart breaking!!

What has fibro done to you??

Hugs Fiona XXX


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