can a haead cold catarah in head , nose and throat cause you to be light headed

morning folks, I wonder if any of you can help. I have had a cold on and off for 2/3 weeks now. I have had antibiotics and steroids to clear it. it has now gone to my head and there is lots of catarah when I blow my nose. only other thing is I keep going light headed - could this be to do with the cold and what do you suggest I take.

many thanks

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  • Hi bbstport, have you tried. Garlic tablets, they are very good for anything, Kwai is. Good make or go on line to " Healthspan " garlic as you may know is Like an antibiotic, and it also purifies the blood, when you get into healthspan maybe type in catarrh and it may give you ideas of what to use, but it does tell you on each product what's its for, by the way Healthspan is a homeopathic give it a try the garlic will certainly help release the catarrh .....good. Luck bb, do let us know how you get on.....gentle hugs and hope this helps....Dee xx

  • thanks for that Dee. I have spoken to my doctors surgery and they are seeing me this afternoon as I also suffer with COPD.

    hugs back to you

    Belinda x

  • I take these tabs and I swear it's the reason I don't get many colds!! Wishful thinking maybe...but that's what I think!! :)

  • Yes, colds and sinus infections do make me light headed. nothing is going to help it if it's a cold, at least, nothing the doc can give you. Things like vapour rubs, hot showers while sucking a menthol lozenge, sleeping, menthol crystals and a vapour inhaler, hot facecloths to help melt the catarrh, and paracetamol to keep your temperature down, ibuprofen to help with headache pain and to reduce swelling in the sinuses will help. garlic really only helps to keep colds away - once you have it there's not much you can do but to ride it out. They say it takes 10 days for a cold to set in properly, ten days of being ill with it, then a further ten days to recover to full health, so, a month in all for a cold.

    Of course, if your doc has given you antibiotics and steroids (have never heard of that for a cold!) then I guess he/she thinks there's more to it, like a bcterial infection.

    you say it "has now gone to my head" which makes me wonder if it started as a chest infection or pneumonia. Most colds start in the head and only spread if a secondary infection occurs.

  • thanks for that I have just spoken to surgery and doctor is seeing me this afternoon as I also have COPD.


  • Sorry I cant help you with this one. Just sending hugs and hoping you get well soon sue xxxx

  • thanks for that sue - I think that is what I probably need right now.

    Hugs back to you

    Belinda x

  • Hi belinda :)

    I like to make what I call 'witches brew'

    Pan of water

    2 oranges cut into eight

    3 lemons cut into eight

    pinch of whole cloves

    fresh ginger ( I sometimes use bottled ginger ale )

    sugar or equivalent /honey

    boil and simmer to let everything infuse and add honey to taste :D

    The ginger is a natural decongestant and the citrus is cleansing I love it and you can make it according to your own tastes.

    Sending healing fluffies your way and hope you feel better soon

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • hi sian, I like the sound of this. when I have been doctors I will go to the shop. I don't have sugar so iwill use ginger ale and where can I gat a clove ? sorry don't know what that is.


    Belinda xx

  • Hi Belinda

    I don't actually know much about Cloves but they're classed as a spice and they're little hard round things so you'll find them amongst the salt n pepper, nutmeg etc.

    As for what cloves are I was going to write what I thought they were but checked wiki out and they have an interesting write up about where they come from and the medicinal purposes. I know cloves are good for dental problems. Anyhoo! I thought you may like to check it out.

    They say you learn something everyday and now I have, cheers hunny :) I enjoyed reading it :)

    Only need to put about 10 in at most but it depends on the size of the pan and how much you make, just keep testing until you like it.

    Hope you enjoy xx

  • Hi Belinda did you try it and did it help?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • That sounds delicious! I've made a copy and will try this next time I get a cold. Thanks!

  • Thanks we all love it here, very warming too :)

    Hope you enjoy :)

  • thanks to all who replied to me. went to doctors this afternoon and another lot of antibiotics but I will try to make that drink tomorrow

    hugs to all

    Belinda x

  • Hi bbstport

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been suffering with this problem and I sincerely hope that you can get some resolution to it as soon as possible. It really sounds like it hasn't cleared up and that you may need to see your GP again.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • hi Ken, another lot of antibiotics - I will rattle soon. I am currently taking 30 plus tablets a day for various conditions however most of them pain. it is not 30 different type of tablets but 30 made up of about 8 tablets but some with big doses

    Thanks again


  • I know that if I have a lot of catarrh it can make me light headed, especially if I bend down. I think it's to do with the sinuses! But, as they say, keep taking the tablets!! XXXX :)

  • cheers sue hope I get over it soon as I just got up and feel terrible this morning I also have a banging head which I never usually suffer

    Belinda x

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