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I go hot but cold to touch struggle to sleep and can cause really bad headaches

I have suffered the past week with going really hot then really cold and then normal temperature again.

It causes alot of pain in muscles like cramps and some days I can't stand the light off the TV or lights in a room. It also has been giving me really bad headaches.

It's also causing me to experience lack of sleep.

Anybody know what it is or what's happening as I'm on 26 years old male

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Hi Gibbs....Could it be migraine? Have you asked your GP about this as it sounds horrid. Not much help from me as I don't know but I am sure someone will have more info....hope you feel better soon.


Hi Gibbs. I also suffer from light sensitivity cant stand lights on and as you say even the light from the tv somedays . I have suffered this for years and believe it is linked to fibro i suffer with terrible sweats and cold spots which makes the muscle pain very painful and hard to manage .Sorry i have no answers for you but just wanted to reassure you your not alone.


Hey snap:) I thought this was a big part of having fibro too I get it quite frequently my nervous system gets set off so easily with chills and fevers and aching and I can't bare to open my eyes or listen to sound on the bad days. I hope it eases for you soon xoxo


I get all that and am currently waiting for blood results from the Rheumatologist. To be honest I am hoping she is going to tell me it is something treatable and not fibromyalgia because ithey are horrendous symptoms. Have you been to the GP about it?


Hello gibbs69 and welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can find advice, help, support and understanding.

Have you seen our Mother Site ?

Here you will find a wealth of information about fibro, including links and guides.

Unfortunately many fibromites do suffer from extremes of temperature and have "faulty" body thermostats. I have not yet heard of a solution for this unfortunately.

If you are having sensitvity to light and bad headaches, it could be worth seeing your GP for medication or further tests.

Hope to see you around the forum



Hi gibbs you sound just like me I go boiling hot but iam cold to the touch can not sleep for it ,it's not easy coping with fybromyalga and everything else , do keep resting as much as you can as it seems to help me ,I do a little bit rest a bit , hope you have better day's ahead xx


Hi Gibbs, your line about headaches!! that sometimes happens to me, its the muscles at the back of my neck, if you feel behind your head there are muscles either side which go up into your skull in a "V" shape, these muscle become taught hence causing headaches/migraines, I have changed my pillow to feather & down and I drag it around my neck when on my back, tuck it under my neck and over my shoulder when on my side, this supports, I also have a pillow in between my knees to support knee pain and lower leg muscle pain. Avoid memory foam they are not good for many fibro sufferers.. I sometimes have a sensitivity to light, I wear react to light lens glasses, I have switched to lower watt bulbs around the home, its all trail and error, more difficult if you share a home but I would hope your house buddies/family would understand, a lot of the newer low watt bulbs save electric too!! good luck our friend keep with us.

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Would get headaches checked out, but could be fibro, I get headaches every evening, the muscles at the back of my neck get soooo tight. I'm also very sensitive to light, can't stand sunlight, luckily we don't get much! Also sensitive to noise, not only loud noises but small background noise too.


Hi all I'm now getting more help from my GP and going for blood tests thank you for all it help and advice


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