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Hi Gang. Do any off you keep losing your voice and have pain in your throat. But not a cold type of sore throat?

I have had this on and off for years and seen many ologists and doctors. Nobody could find what was wrong with me. Then I was diagnosed with fibro and everybody that was it as we have muscles in our throat. All I get told is to rest my throat and don't talk. Ihave now been struggling for nearly a week with only a whisper sometimes cutting out completely This has gone on for weeks before. It's embarrassing and makes me feel vulnerable when I'm out and a out. Plus it makes me more exhausted The effect i have to put in to talk Does any body else have this problem

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ive suffered for years with a hourse and sore throat, nothiong became of it then. now im told its part of my illness, amoungst all the others.


Thank you nikki. I causes me loads of problems. Phone rings and I look at it as to say 'yes and what am I suppose to do with that'. People keep telling not to talk to rest my throat so don't talk to me a long time. And inside I screaming "stop telling to shut up when I can hardly speak I know it is the best thing to do as one doctor told "if you hurt a muscle in your leg you have rest it so rest the muscles in your throat and Don't Talk. It's so frustrating


Dry, sore, croaky throats are very common with Fibromyalgia and also people who have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Lupus can also be affected in this way.

I also experience a tight throat feeling first thing in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes it affects my swallowing, which returns to normal after two cups of tea. I usually have to eat my breakfast when my throat has settled down. If I'm particularly throaty in the morning I have a Complan shake for breakfast which is easy to swallow. :)


have you seen an ENT? I have an auto-immune disorder [as well as fm] and this affects my voice - I lost it for 2 and a half years. Rest your voice and that includes not whispering!.

[My condition is called wegener's granulomatosis and is often diagnosed by C-ANCA & P-ANCA blood tests.]


I am currently working with a voice therapist, it is helping. ENT surgeon stuck a camera down my nose to get a peek at my vocal cords and said I had Oesophageal Reflux. He recommended Gaviscon (urgh) after meals and referred me for voice therapy.

I do vomit quite a bit due to the IBS, I hadn't made the connection before. Gaviscon = therapy seems to be helping.


I am a teacher, though only work 1 day a week now but the day I do work I end up very hoarse and it takes me the week to recover. I am also finding I am getting sore throat symptoms on a regular basis.


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